1985 Subaru GL wagon 4x4 1.8 from North America


It's $400 bargain!


Replaced front axles at 110,000 miles.

Rear fenders are starting to rot out.

Changed coil and coil wire.

Rear latch broke just recently.

General Comments:

This wagon goes through the snow better than most other 4-wheel drives.

It has absolutely no power, but it is very reliable.

Engine makes a "ticking" sound at times, I believe it's a lifter that's sticking.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2003

3rd Jul 2005, 10:17

I was given a 85 GL 4x4 wagon in Oct. of 2004. This was my first Japanese car, and I have to say that I am very pleased.

It has 175K and other than a tune-up and a very badly needed bath and wax, it hasn't required a thing! I commute once a week and only use it once a week, but always starts and everything works, including the A/C. Had it just once in 4 wheel drive on light snow, but handled fine. It too clicks and clacks a bit when first started, but the sounds disapears once warm. The only problem is that it likes to be warmed up prior to driving, but still drives acceptably, if not.

26th Sep 2005, 17:43

I had a 1985 4x4 GL wagon from 1990-1995. I absolutely loved that car. It was functional, would start every time, and handled great in the snow (I had a five speed-have no experience with the automatic). The only problems I had with it was the rack and pinion going at around 120,000 and a odd motor knock at certain RPM in 3rd gear. I understand this is common in these cars if you don't use high octane fuel. I am currently buying a Baja after 20 yrs of good results buying Chevy's (light pickups). I'm gonna try Subaru again based on my experience with the wagon. If they wouldn't have stopped the Brat maybe I wouldn't have left. I just would have taken the back seats out.

1985 Subaru GL from North America


Dependable and economical in a easy to load station wagon


The timing belts are replaced every 50,000 miles, axles get replaced when the rubber boot tears, the carburetor has been rebuilt. Recently the water pump went out along with the alternator.

It's used up batteries and tires on schedule. The dealer used the wind blade on the back of the car to pull it off the wrecker when it was towed to rebuild the carburetor... maybe it was the wrecker service, but no one confessed.

It's had the engine seals replaced twice, uses about a quart of oil every thousand miles.

The paint job will tear up a scratch pad, has a few small rust areas and wax won't wipe off. The interior is clean and no cracks in the dashboard. There is some cracking in the door panels under the windows.

The exhaust pipe rattles inside the heat shield and the brakes need repair.

General Comments:

This car runs hotter than I would like, but overall this is one indestructible, dependable car.

The a/c runs cold, the transmission has never needed repair, the engine runs weaker than it used to and the back hatch door will come down on your head every now and then, but it has been well worth the repairs every few years to keep it running.

It averages about 25 mpg.

The seats are comfortable, upholstery has held up well and window glass is sturdy and not prone to cracking after stone hits.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2003

1985 Subaru GL 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


This is my first car and I am very impressed with it. It has everything a car should have


Power steering rack needed to be lubricated.

Roof lining started to sag.

Noisy tappets.

New springs at 260k.

General Comments:

The car handles like it is on rails.

It is comfortable for long trips.

The air conditioning works like a charm.

The power steering is very light and easy to drive.

Plenty of boot space.

Plenty of in car space for passengers.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2002

1985 Subaru GL 1.8 from North America


A good looking car at a good bargain price


At about 100,000 my distributor went out. Trust me it was expensive. So at about 103,000 my battery started smoking so that cost me about 75 bucks. then at about 122k my O2 sensor went out. At 130k my muffler went out (Very loud little car).Then at 131k my timing belt, water pump and my universal joint went.

General Comments:

Very nice little 4cyl.Very fast little turbo little bargain. Very comfy.the electric gauges are very easy to read, but some times give me headaches, but with kids that's how it goes. The 1.8 turbo is really fast; I almost beat a Corvette if my engine didn't die. But I put a lot of cash onto this car's exterior, and the interior looks fabulous.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2002