GL Sedan 1.8 Boxer

Practical, reliable, user friendly, environment friendly, VERY fun to drive

96 words, North America, 2 comments


Fun, good in snow, and good on gas

204 words, North America

GL ea82

Excellent first car

58 words, Australia and New Zealand

GL Touring Wagon 4WD 1.8 Multi Point Fuel Injected

Despite the problems, it is a great car

355 words, Australia and New Zealand

GL 1.8 boxer

A good first car for the price

180 words, North America

GL AWD Turbo Wagon 1.8 turbo

Big, mean and fast!

158 words, Bolivia


Despite a few flaws, it's a very nice, economical little car

196 words, North America

GL 2WD Wagon 1.8L

Relatively roomy, reliable, quick econo-transportation

148 words, North America, 3 comments

GL Wagon 1.8L

69 words, North America