31st Oct 2007, 17:20

This new one looks like just another shopping trolly, disapointing.

1st Apr 2008, 09:57

I pick up my 2008 Impreza 5 Door Wagon today!! Can't wait! I insisted on a 5 speed manual, which had to be located and shipped from another dealer...apparently, manuals are becoming more and more hard to come by due to the newly overstocked manumatics available almost anywhere. Mazda3's base model DOES NOT offer a manual transmission and that left only one option for me..SUBARU!! Civic's are no longer offered in a sport wagon shape, which is why they added the FIT to the lineup. It looks great in advertising, but in person it looks nothing like a sporty wagon... so again...SUBARU is the champ!! Affordability: With the March Sale plus my wife's Union Discount I'm driving this car for less than the dealers invoice...can't beat that!!

28th Apr 2008, 12:45

Picked up my 08 impresa sedan with the sport package and manual transmission on April 19/08. Build date is Jan /08 Bought at Frontier Subaru in Winnipeg.Sale went nice and smooth they had a $1500.00 cash incentive program on.I also got $300.00 off the price

Nice car drives well and handles great.

I got the car with 17 km on it it now has 1100 km on it.

Second tank of gas averaging 30 mpg.

Another post made a comment on the foot position. Yes I find it this way also.

I am still trying to find a comfortable seating position as I find I have to stretch a little far to fully depress the clutch.

If I pull the seat in a bit closer then I find my right foot a little uncomfortable. Just a matter of time until I get used to it.

I have ask Subaru about pedal extension for the clutch they are checking into it (I need about 3/4")

Overall I am happy with my purchase.Once the honeymoon period is over I will post again.

6th Apr 2009, 21:48

Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with heaps of water pouring into hatch when you open it? Dealer says it is design fault, but I'm not so sure?

18th May 2009, 08:36

Yes, I had a 2008 model WRX hatch and the water issue was one of the many. Issues I had with the car. It was slow, clutch suspect and the petrol release switch was not designed well. It had low quality tyres also, luckily the new 2009 WRX sedan has answered and corrected all the faults! I love it!