13th Nov 2007, 16:35

Hi I am omar from Egypt, I very interested in buying the 08 new Subaru, it's 1500 cc 107 hp hatch back and my concerns are spare parts and high speed stability, please advice.

2nd Dec 2007, 20:51

Hi Omar, I`m the original writer. about spare parts it is all available at Abou Ghaly motors (Subaru distiributor in Egypt),prices are expensive comparing with Mitsubishi etc;..prices are near to Honda`s.. But Subaru parts are known as long life parts.

You also can find used spare parts brought from Japan at a shop called SUBARIST in Madinat Al-Herafeyin (They are specialized in Subaru only, and they do maintenance too, all for very good prices).

About stability of Impreza you asked about, it is amazingly stable car due to AWD (All Wheel Drive) system, and boxer low center engine which are Subaru`s most strong points.

Comparing Corolla, Lancer, Sunny..Impreza is a very stable car.

6th Mar 2008, 15:19

Hi "Original Writer"

I'm Sherif, I own a Subaru Impreza 2007 1.6 and just read your comment above about the shop called Subarist in Herafeyeen and I'm really interested in this because I found no one in Egypt that has any Subaru Extras, I'm not looking for spare parts as Abu-Ghaly has all the basics, I'm looking for extras other than what he has.

Please tell me how to get to this shop and their phone number or any other info you have on them because I really want to see what they have.

Mail me on sherifmohamed@gmail.com or just reply here.

26th Feb 2009, 23:05

Hello everybody in Egypt, I´m Oscar From Guatemala, Cental America. I'm the owner of a Subaru Impreza 1997 LX, the car is 1.6 CC without A/C, but the engine is amazing because it has done about 190,000kms, but the car sounds like it has a new engine.

I've changed in 12 years of use, only the clutch and all shocks absorbers, but every 5000 kms. the respective tune up, it's a fine car, if the owner take care of it, only a question: Does anybody know how get more horsepower to this little engine, without a turbo charger? Only simple mechanical changes?


11th Mar 2009, 11:05

Hey you can simply add a K&N filter. It helps a lot...

10th Jun 2009, 04:59

Thanks for the informative comments. I am Caleb from Kenya and planning to buy a used 1500cc Subaru Impreza not older than 8 years. Can someone give me a comparative fuel consumption between this car, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi of the same engine capacity?

15th Sep 2009, 12:36

I have a 1600 Impreza and live in England. Mine has over 2000GBP of mods on it, and it does go well for what it is.

At the moment the thrust bearing is getting noisy, so I am going to be changing the clutch and can't actually find one for the FWD version. Can anyone on here help me out, and prices and any info?

Cheers, Jay.


10th Aug 2010, 10:59

Subaru Impreza is such a good car! I'm from Peru. I have a 1.6, and it's the best car I ever have owned. I have had 3, Peugeot 306, Nissan Sentra, Subaru Impreza. The Subaru is better big time!

22nd Feb 2012, 17:00

Hi everybody, I'm the writer of the review. The shop of Subaru spare parts & maintenance is called SAKHR Tel : 01222 162561. They are specialized in only Subaru!