27th Oct 2010, 23:02

I am interested in a 05 Impreza R/s Hatchback, but am also leaning towards the Mazda 3 Sport Hatchback.

The reliability of these 2 cars seems similar, but I am concerned that the Impreza will have a greater fuel consumption with the AWD system and larger engine.

Owner's reports on fuel consumption on the Impreza appear to be all over the place. I live in the Southern part of British Columbia where the winters are usually very mild but wet, so I don't know if the AWD system would be necessary.


29th Dec 2011, 16:41

Hey I have a question on a 2005 Subaru Impreza RS 2.5 litre. Driving home today, and felt a little vibration coming from my gas pedal when I accelerated from a stop. It did it again when I stepped on the gas pedal. I stopped for 5 minutes and shut off the car, got gas, and started again and it wouldn't do it. It's an automatic transmission too. If anybody knows what it might be, reply back thanks.

28th Oct 2015, 14:39

My 02 2.5 RS has a slight knocking sound when cold, but it's weird, it is there during light acceleration, but goes away around 2200 RPM. Is this normal, kinda like chatter? I'm not sure, and this is my first Subi.

25th Jan 2016, 03:03

Hello, I also have had recent issues with my 2006 2.5 Impreza hatch non turbo. 135k miles MT.

Revs after start and into reverse (clutch let out). Goes away after 1st gear or going into first. I learned on MT... I'll admit it's been a few years, but still... I know it's not me.

Also get grinding or vibration upon decelerating from 3500 and down; more common on corners, heard that was a common alignment issue. Was driving normally and had the check engine light come on... taking it to the shop tomorrow, will keep you updated.

Email me if you know of anything, or if anyone would like to discuss. raymansdroid@gmail.com