1985 Subaru Justy F 1.0 3 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand




Only one problem, the air duct at the front is leaking water by the drivers feet when it rains heavy, cannot find out why.

General Comments:

Very reliable car. I was 16 when I got this car from extended family; it was very well looked after and still is.

I think it could be a bit more economical; after all I hear these things can do 51 mpg, and I reckon I'm getting about 32.

The ride is not very smooth, but the acceleration is not bad at all.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2008

18th Sep 2010, 17:28

That water leaking into the footwell is quite likely the result of a plugged drain tube. This is typically a nipple-like fitting on the firewall. Swap it out, or just manipulate it a little, and you will probably get a rush of stale water rushing out. Then your problem should be fixed.