2000 Subaru Legacy B4 2.0 Twin turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome car, if servicing is kept up


Diff failure, replaced. quite expensive.

Timing belts due to be replaced.

General Comments:

The car is quite awesome to drive. I notice the major turbo lag through gear changes every so often.

Sticks to the road like glue, and for a car of its size and weight, it does very well.

I've owned it for nearly 2 years, and have only had the diff fail on me. Keeping up with the regular servicing, and not driving it with an iron foot, has kept this car in prime condition.

The car is amazing on long trips, comfortable, etc. around town not so much.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2011

5th Apr 2011, 03:50

Start a savings plan for the 100k service on one of these!

Nice looking and clever engineering, but complex, some mechanical items fragile and they're not cheap to run. Fun to own but expect European car maintenance costs.

Actually, our 5 series has been cheaper to service than the Blitzen it replaced and less frustrating to drive with no yawning turbo lag (in the auto model).

2000 Subaru Legacy RSK b4 Twin Turbo 2.0 from UK and Ireland


4wd rocket ship


Absolutely nothing, but then again I've only owned the car a few weeks.

General Comments:

This car is seriously underrated, it has a 2L twin turbo engine which puts out 280bhp and a full time 4wd system, so it's an absolute joy to drive. The power is unbelievable and the handling is pretty great too.

There's lots of room and it's very practical. The half leather bucket seats are very comfortable, and the fact that there electric is an extra bonus.

So all in all, I'm very pleased with it, and would definitely recommend one to anyone.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2009

14th Aug 2016, 22:55

It has AWD to be exact ;)

2000 Subaru Legacy from Kenya


A solid car with minor issues if you are ready to spend for the premium service


One day as I moved in the street, the car could simply not engage any gear. I called my usual mechanic and he solved this by tightening some pipe connecting the gearbox to the radiator.

Second problem that is yet to be solved is the dashboard lighting that goes dim when lights are switched on. Is this normal for Subaru?

Third there is a rattle in the car at low revs <1000 rpm which cannot simply be explained by loose screws/bolts.

General Comments:

The spares for this vehicles are damn expensive. Imagine a headlamp costing close to KES 40,000.00.

Otherwise the car feels solid on the road at both low and high speeds. The All Wheel Drive is superb on bad roads, especially when going uphill at a snail's speed.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2008

27th Nov 2010, 15:06

The dashboard lights that dim is a feature that you turned on, probably by mistake. I have bumped the switch without even noticing before. All cars have this that I know of. I have driven maybe 3 dozen different types of cars, and have used this feature in most seen it in all I checked.

Generally on the left side of the dash near the light controls or the light knob itself, there is a sliding wheel or something that lets you adjust the dash lights for night driving. It only dims the dash lights for night driving, so you have to turn on your lights for it to work.

Find the dim switch or knob and problem solved. Dealership should know about this. Owner's Manual can tell you where it is. I usually just look for it with when it is daytime, so I can see everything or turn on the dome light.

2000 Subaru Legacy GT from North America


Never seems to be completely fixed


First I had many problems with my check engine light being on all the time, or turning on and off whenever it felt like it. It seemed as though the shop we purchased it from had accidentally crossed some wires, but after that was "fixed" it came on again. We brought it to the dealer and found that it was something to do with the 02 something or other (obviously I'm not really "up" with car terminology). We tried to get that fixed, and for at least a month has been fine.

After my radiator was replaced, my parking lights have been on, at all times. The only way we can get them to turn off was to pull out the fuse underneath the coin tray in the car. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem? Could it actually have anything to do with my new radiator? The lights were on for at least 5 hours, my car did turn on, and the battery did not die after about a half hour ride, but as of right now the fuse is out, and I guess I will not have driving lights for the rest of the week.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2008

14th Mar 2009, 21:42

Sure it wasn't the switch in front of the top of the steering wheel? That turns on the park lights permanently, most people mistake it for a hazard light switch.