2009 Subaru Legacy Touring PZEV 2.5 from North America




Among other issues, the car has been showing PO420 code (catalytic converter insufficiency) for the past year. This code could mean anything from exhaust leak, to defective O2 sensor, to problems with the catalytic converter. Since the cost to change the PZEV catalytic converter is at least a few thousand, which is more than the car is worth, I have been dealing with less costly items first. But the code still returns. While the catalytic converter would still be covered in the US, it is not covered in Canada.

Surface rust inside doors.

Transmission sometimes hesitates.

General Comments:

Though great on ice and snow, the car is not very reliable after the first 80,000 kilometers or so. Probably better to lease than buy if you have to have a Subaru.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2018

14th Sep 2018, 14:17

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

I have had some luck cleaning the cats with a product called Cataclean. It may take a couple of doses, but it does clean the cats.

Good Luck! Sparky.

2009 Subaru Legacy Special Edition 2.5L from North America


Great, practical all wheel drive car


- When the dealer was installing Subaru OEM remote starter, had to replace ignition coil, since it was causing interference with the remote starter.

General Comments:

Great practical car!

60/40 rear folding seats, VDC, all wheel drive, spacious, very good value for the money!

Already took this car to the hills for snowboarding with winter tires on, and it handled well.

30mpg average on the highway.

Wish I had paid extra and got the Limited Edition model, instead of the Special Edition.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2011