2010 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 turbo from Sweden


Fast safety


After much raining, and not driving the car, front speakers stopped working, and the electric glass roof stopped working. All worked after a few miles...

Problems with the sound system (McIntosh).

General Comments:

Wonderful to drive! Very fast, and secure in corners. Great to drive in winter (snow and ice) if one has the right tires on.

Somewhat too hard setting on shocks.

I have had a lot of Subarus, but this is the best. Also had a lot of BMWs. This is a better "sleeper".

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Review Date: 19th June, 2015

2010 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 turbo from North America


Likely a good one to get


Bought this as a rebuilt title. Bought from a bigger used car dealer in Des Moines, IA area. It is likely not a shock, but I would never spend $ there again. They "fixed" it to the point of operation and then spent $ on the looks.

Unrepaired damage or likely so:

-- Replaced the rear suspension linkage (accident damage). An alignment as well.

-- Subwoofer in the back seat does not work.

Maybe accident, poor repair quality or other:

** The horn did not work (not accident, due to poor repair job?)

** The volume control on the steeling wheel is sporadic.

The USB in the center console fell out of its mount when I used it.

General Comments:

I wanted a 2011+ Legacy or Buick Regal. This Legacy at ~$10K below the normal value seems like a sweet deal. I knew it was a rebuilt title. I admit I took a risk. I do not consider it a bad deal, but rather "you get what you pay for". I can drive it contentedly for another 8 years.

There are a lot of little things I do not like about this car by design. There is no temperature gauge (it is replaced with an analogue MPG gauge?), the digital MPG is very coarse (compared to the VW, GM), the Homelink buttons will not work without the key in the "On" position, the "hand" brake is an electric motor, the oil filter is only accessible with an extension and filter socket, the position of the USB in the console is poor (wrong orientation or location), and there is vinyl on the front seats.

All that said, it has some good points. It gets tremendous mileage for an AWD with 265 HP. Which could mean the rear wheels did not get fixed and it is only a FWD.(?) I get ~30 MPG with 25% city & 75% highway on 91 octane (which is required). It is rated at an average of 22.

The car has a very sporty suspension. It is the best handling car I've owned. I say it rides on rails.

It will pass like a ghost. I love that. I pass without reservation (it only has a medium-strong amount of get-and-go from a stop. My 1.8T Passat had nearly as much go from a stop).

I love the transmission; short clutch, 6 speeds, and best of all, 3 pedals on a large car. This is why I bought the car. It is a big car and I still get a manual transmission!

Back seat room is good, the driving position has a good view of the road, driving comfort is sufficient, and the car looks great.

The neutral face is because there are too many small issues, and the halfhearted repair. I do wonder if I got a new Legacy, if I would have the same opinion.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2013

27th Dec 2013, 01:38

The Subaru Legacy is a "big car"?