2000 Subaru Liberty RX 2.5L from Australia and New Zealand


Pleasure to drive and look at. Great, reliable performance and all features a modern car needs


- Passenger door lock broken, still locks when centrally locked, but once the car is unlocked it can't be individually locked.

- Gear stick moves slightly when engaging/disengaging clutch/accelerator.

- I find the front tyres wear a lot faster than the rear. I am having to rotate them quickly after replacement.

General Comments:

- This is the finest car I have owned. Performs great for a four cylinder, nice big 2.5L capacity. The sound of the boxer engine is great, a nice hearty grunt.

- The interior is very impressive, the seats are comfortable and sturdy. The woodgrain on the dash is very nice, and the climate control/stereo/HUD is really easy to use. The dedicated 'outside-temp' button is pretty handy too. The cruise control is a life-saver on highways and for speed cameras; it doesn't overspeed or slow down.

- The AWD is amazing, you can plant the throttle in 2nd gear and full lock the wheel 90 degrees and it doesn't skid at all. Fantastic in the wet, makes you feel very safe (and you can go faster than everyone else).

- Having cut the springs on the car and put some 18" rims on it, the car's image has really improved - it turns heads. A very tidy, solid car.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2007

2000 Subaru Liberty RX 2.5i from Australia and New Zealand


I'd be surprised if they can beat this one


None. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

General Comments:

I have warmed this car up every morning for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes, it has only been run on premium 98RON fuel. Always serviced when due. I have run this car off the the clock many many times at speeds estimated at 230 km/h to 240 km/h, can't tell as speedometer stops at 220 km/h. It's the first car I've driven that will pull overdrive in an auto almost to red line!! The body kit works and glues the car to road and makes you feel safe and sure at speed. I have never had one problem with this car and I'm very fussy about cars and what should/could be done better. I seriously take my hat off to the engineers of Subaru they are masters beyond a German standard (have a read of the poor owners of ML 320 Benz horror stories). I challenge anyone to justify $20k more for a 2wd 3 series BMW.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2004

31st Aug 2004, 22:53

I'm glad that someone has had a good run with there Subaru Liberty. I've had nothing, but trouble with mine... I purchased a 2000 model with 9786 km on the odo. I've had to replace the clutch and fly wheel because of severe shuddering, I've heard since that this is a common problem with manual Subaru's. I've had many minor problems, from the air conditioning doing a seal on the hottest day of the year to the alternator needing replacing.

The latest problems come from the front end, I've had to have the rack end on the left hand side replaced and then the bearing and hub had to be replaced, there've also found rust around the windscreen.

I originally purchased this car thinking that it was a quality make and would last me for a few years, but this has been the worst car that I have ever owned and I've talk quite a few people from purchasing a Subaru.

21st Feb 2005, 01:09

I have a 2000 Liberty RX manual I bought with 70000km when 3 years old. It's also got clutch shuddering problems in the first 5-10mins on a cold morning, unfortunately I bought the car after the warranty had expired, but it's tolerable so I probably won't be doing anything about it.

Otherwise, the car runs like a dream. Handles better than most cars regardless of weather condition or surface. And still feels like a new car even though it's going on 120000km.

Can't wait to upgrade to a newer Subaru.

13th Jun 2005, 14:30

I bought a 2000 model RX 6 months ago (the car was 4 years old with 95K on the clock). Being my first Subaru the handling levels left me awe-struck and the exhaust note is to die for - and that's just the stock exhaust!

Have had a few reliability issues thought i.e. timing belt snapped, but this was due to poor workmanship by the dealer who sold me the car and replaced the belt prior to delivery.

Performance from the 2.5 in auto is probably only adequate though, unless you really rev the bejesus out of it (which is very tempting with that exhaust note!).

Overall a very satisfying car, but it'll leave you wishing you forked out for the B4 or the new GT/3.0R - the chassis just begs for more grunt.

2000 Subaru Liberty GX 2.0L horizontally opposed 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


A reliable choice


Power Steering Pump failed. This was covered under warranty.

General Comments:

The Michelin tires have great grip, and at 55 000kilometers on the clock, I am told by my tire dealer that they still have up to 30 000 more kilometers life in them.

The car is pretty slow, but you would expect that from a 100 kilowatt engine, moving 1500kilos of car.

Its very easy to get comfortable in the car, with fully adjustable seats, and steering column.

The stock stereo system is surprisingly loud. It's a clarion system.

All Wheel Drive grip is great, and you always feel secure driving the car, even in extremely heavy downpours.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

11th May 2006, 07:53

I absolutly love my RX Liberty, it's the best car I have ever owned, and trust me, I've owned a Porsche.

Its never given me a problem, but in the morning it seems to start weird, and coughs and splatters, but always starts 1st go. Is this normal or not, does anyone know? Thanks.

1st Apr 2012, 09:45

I drove my mother's Subaru Impreza when I was on holiday in Tasmania. The AWD made the car feel very stable and surefooted when there was rain, ice, etc on the road.

The car is an excellent alternative to higher priced vehicles that have the same features, and is much more practical.

The performance of the vehicle is good for everyday motoring.

The auto gearbox changes smoothly, and it is reasonably comfortable.