2001 Subaru Liberty B4 2.0L twin turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Underrated sleeper


Very little. Nearly all B4's ping on our 98 octane fuel-and a few have destroyed themselves. Even with quite high kilometers they still feel new. Nothing has broken. The main criticism is the lag between the first and second turbo coming on boost.

General Comments:

Excellent car- not sure why I'm getting rid of it. Almost the performance of a WRX with better comfort and less police/thief appeal. Excellent buying second hand.

With a few tweaks (thicker rear sway bar, brake pads) beautiful handling car (has standard Bilsteins).Only weak link is the problem with fuel and turbo setup.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2005

4th Nov 2005, 06:16

Many Thanks for this review on the 01 B4. Have just sold my REX Hatch of 4 years and am looking to replace with low mileage 01 B4. You have helped me make up my mind! Thanks again!

1st Nov 2012, 07:34

Dude, it should have better performance than the WRX with 30 more kilowatts.

2001 Subaru Liberty RX 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


An excellent car overall and someone now has a very good second hand car


Very little. I used a mobile phone adapter in the cigarette lighter which led to a rattle. The service guys knew about this instantly.

A complaint about increased rolling noise was simply worn out tires (Bridgestone Potenzas).

I got caught in a hail storm. I don't recommend doing that with an aluminium bonnet!

General Comments:

Used a lot of fuel around town, but improved considerably when going on a trip. Overall I was happy with it.

Tires lasted 44,000 Km which I thought OK considering the grip and car cornering abilities.

Absolutely fantastic on a dirt road.

Now I have replaced the car and can compare with my new Toyota Kluger two issues become more apparent.

It had reasonable low beam, but high beam was hopeless. Compared to my previous Mazda 626 it was good though.

The other issue was the cruise control. No light to indicate active on dash. It was also clunky and imprecise. Maybe the Kluger is so good due to having an electronic throttle. Its worse issue was changing down two gears on highway hills that I could manually maintain pace on and remain in 4th (top).

The 4 speed auto a bit clunky. When I shopped for replacement I was looking for a 5 speed. Choice boiled down to a 6 cylinder Subaru or the Kluger.

I had this car via a novated lease and came out ahead unlike some cars even though the second hand car market has come under considerable stress in the last few years.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2005

28th Nov 2005, 00:08

Liberty RX 2.5 manual sedan

We have had this car since new and to date apart from a few annoying little things are very happy with purchase.

Why does the cup holder not roll out completely? It works that way on Forrester but not the liberty, why?? A few rattles also annoy, steering column and somewhere on left side rattle. cigarette lghter rattles, now left out.

The clutch had to be replaced, apparently build problem in 2002. It as a little noisy and was replaced outside of warranty at no cost, so happy with Subaru service.

I recommend PULP as fuel use decreases and performance slight increase. However dealer advises that additions in PULP especially cause build up that requires full flush at $600 !!!!!!

Service costs can be a little expensive with all the extras they like to do, got to watch them.

Currently 72000 kilometres. I am happy enough with car and intend buying a wagon of approximately the same year, so cant be too bad.