17th Apr 2010, 04:42

I have recently bought a 2002 RX 2.5 Premium after trading in a 91 Liberty LX. I was very happy with the old Liberty, although I had to replace the front diff after the automatic gearbox seal allowed fluid to leak into the diff and destroyed the gears.

So far I am very happy with the RX, as it is a huge improvement on the 91 Liberty.

I'm concerned that the maintenance costs may be high, as the only thing I could do myself would be to change the oil and oil & air filters. Tyres are expensive being low profile 205 x50x16.

There is an occasional screeching noise coming from the clutch, which also concerns me when in first gear.

2nd May 2010, 20:42

When I purchased the car, I noticed that one of the keys had the remote buttons missing. The dealer supplied me with a new key at no cost. The service department told me that it would cost the dealership $450 to replace the key. I hope this is not an indication of the cost of having the car serviced.

17th Aug 2010, 18:15

Recently drove the 2002 RX 2.5 out West to Dubbo from Newcastle, then up North to the Queensland border, so rolled up quite a few klms in a few weeks.

Main comment would be the fact that the front air scoop under the honeycomb grill should have been fitted with a grill to keep out large insects, which fouled up the bottom of the radiator.

The car is fitted with 205x16x50 Firestone Firehawk tyres, which are good in the wet and wear well, but are noisy on some tar surfaces.

It would have been nice if Subaru had supplied an alloy wheel for the spare as well, instead of steel. It is just a waste of a good tyre that could be rotated with the others.