1991 Subaru Loyale Base 1.8L from North America


Another excellent piece of engineering and a good bargain if you can get a good one.


I have had to replace most of the right front drive-train/body panels due to an accident the vehicle was involved in before I got it.

I have had to replace the radiator due to old age and wear and tear.

I have had to replace the timing belts as they were factory originals.

General Comments:

I got this car used after it was involved in an accident. Since I take wrecked cars and fix them up as a hobby this one did not cost me as much as it might for some people. All totaled I have around 1500$ invested in the car and I feel that it has quite a few more miles on it for that money.

Aside from minor cosmetic rust mainly on the fenders I have had little trouble with rust even though I live in the snow/salt belt of the northern states.

I have the 2WD version so I have not had to do anything to the rear aside from the usual brake pads and shocks that have to be done every so often. and after replacing the front side that was damaged it has been a very reliable little car.

The engine is only slightly underpowered when the car is full, but since I drive it alone most of the time this has not been much of a problem. I have been able to smoke the tires from a standing stop and top the car out above 80 with all stock parts before things start getting shaky.

The handling is above excellent as the car can be thrown about and recovers nicely. With its low center of gravity and superior weight balance it is easy to handle on snow and ice as well as wet roads.

Since I am 6' tall the interior can be a bit cramped for long drives, and if we have the entire family in the car it is fortunate we are a close family. But for the most part the controls are incredibly easy to reach and I have had no trouble with the controls being fragile or sticking.

Most of the engine parts where the factory originals when I got it and I have had to replace only a few things. Much better than the Ford Aerostar that I had previously where I had to replace at least one major part each month. Right now that van is sitting in some junkyard somewhere hopefully being turned into small pieces of confetti.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

1991 Subaru Loyale FWD Wagon 1.8L from North America


A very reliable car that provides basic transportation and utility.


The water pump started leaking at 108K, and had to be replaced.

The rear wiper stopped working at 140K.

The started died at 150K.

The air conditioning gave out at 155K.

General Comments:

This car has been great for hauling home improvement items - I even got a full size refrigerator in it once. Gas mileage on the highway is in the 30-32 range, 26-29 in the city. I continue to be impressed that at 175000 miles, the original clutch is still working, though it is beginning to slip a bit. The transmission is rather noisy, especially at highway speeds. I was confident enough to drive it across the country in 1997, when it had over 100K on it. I wish it had a bit better pick-up when merging at highway speeds.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2002