1993 Subaru Loyale 1.8L gas from North America


Reliable transportation that is tough to beat


Exhaust sensor - only caused a "check engine" light.

No rust!

General Comments:

This car is the epitome of reliable transportation. Piles of storage room, sure-footed in inclement weather (and the mud) this beast has been the best set of wheels I've ever owned. I love how high you sit when you are driving, and the ground clearance is very impressive. The speedbumps in my neighbourhood literally ripped the oil pan off my previous car. But they don't even come close to the bottom of this car. I LOVE THIS CAR! My advice: if you can buy one that has very little rust and passes saftey, DO IT! DO IT NOW!

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Review Date: 26th March, 2001

1993 Subaru Loyale L 4 CYL from North America


Oil pump at 51,500, check engine light comes on a lot, engine checks out good.

General Comments:

This is a tough little car, we live in a rural area with poor roads and lots of snow and mud, this darn car goes through about anything. I've had 4x4 vehicles for over 35yrs. Pick-ups that supposedly go anywhere, other than real deep mud and snow this darn Subaru will follow them. It's excellent on slick roads. I have a Ford Eddie Bauer 4x4 for my wife to drive in the Winter and she will take the Subaru if the roads are real slick. The 4x4 system works great.

We have 4 newer Subaru's in the family and my one son just beats his to death and it just keeps on going, it's an Outback and that's were he takes it, outback in the mountains hunting and fishing.

The only gripes I have with my 93 are seat comfort and economy, it gets 25mpg where as the kids newer Subaru's get about 30mpg, and they're a lot more comfortable. To tell you how tough they are my dad has a 98 Legacy, he is old and can't hear, when he would put it into drive he would hold down on shift lever button and it would go into 2nd gear rather then drive. We heard him coming up our road last Summer and the engine was wound out, he stopped and shut it off when he got to the house. We took dad out and showed him about the shift button, he said he'd done that since it was new! It had about 24k on it.

Then a few weeks later I drove his Subaru over to Seattle, it ran perfect and got 29mpg at 70+.

They're amazing cars.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2000

1st Dec 2000, 11:45

I feel the same way. I live in Toronto and this little puppy goes through just about anything.

My check engine light just came on. I think is something to due with moisture under the hood. I bought the car fom my dad and I just had the 4th clutch (my little brother burned out 2) put in and the engine rebuilt. The car is running better than ever. I agree the mileage could be better but I still get approx 450k to a full tank.

26th Mar 2001, 18:01

I have a 1993 Loyale Wagon. I used to own Chevettes, so this car feels like I'm riding on a cloud! :o)

I too had the "Check Engine" light coming on, but only during city driving. I talked to a Subaru dealer (here in Ottawa) and they suggested replacing an exhaust sensor. I was told by the service manager that it might get "thirsty" if it wasn't changed. It was relatively cheap, and it fixed the problem! As for the 4WD, we went on a rather treacherous road in the Gatineau Park that was about 8 to 10 inches of mud. We didn't get stuck at all. My friends in the back seat were convinced that if we were in their 98 Impala, we'd still be digging it out! I am VERY impressed with Subaru.


12th Nov 2006, 23:38

I'am thinking of buying a 1990 loyale wagon 4x4, it has rust on front left fender, 245,000 km, he wants $2000.00 or best offer. What should I look for when testdriving and possibly owning.

Thaks, Mac.