18th Sep 2012, 21:23

Had a 1980 that would die, and then after waiting a while, start again. Very frustrating. Husband put in an ignition module, about $50 I think (25 years ago, don't remember what it's called), but it was a small black "thing" that is near or in the distributor. Good to have a spare, if you buy it and that is NOT it...

19th Jan 2013, 19:13

Thanks for the tip... My 91 Loyale's starter is acting up this week as it is getting colder in the mornings... I managed to find one at a wrecker yard... Does anyone out there feel they are easy to replace? I found out it is located under the spare tire and only a couple of bolts. I have never done this... Any advice?

21st Feb 2013, 22:52

Check temp sending unit for the ECU.

26th May 2014, 16:10

I have a '91 Loyale Wagon, auto, A/C, power windows.

I replace CV half shafts from torn boots about every 3-4 years.

For 6 years now I've had to replace the starter and alternator, and when the car gets hot, and sits in sun, it won't crank. Gotta lift the hood, open all windows and sit and wait.

I began to think, this started when my shop said they couldn't get original remans for the starter.

No matter HOW many times the starter and alternator were replaced, the problem persisted. When the car warms up, and you sit at idle, the voltage gauge drops to the bottom, so there's a HUGE voltage drop somewhere.

Well, today, at a new shop, after working on it for two days for other items, they ordered and installed an original reman, and drove it around half hour. Parked it, running, half hour. Windows up. In 90F sun. Shut it off, waited half hour, and it cranks right over! The original starters had bigger cases, more resistance to heating, bigger windings, and the key item: The pinion shaft is bigger but LONGER, also, so it engages fully into the flywheel.

Many others I've read about went with button installs, to bypass some wiring, but you still need to put the key in and have it in the ON position, so if it's a wiring issue, OR the starter issue, I don't see how it would work, but others swear by it.

For now, I'm stoked with the original reman starter, which has passed the first test with flying colors. Hope this helps others, best of luck.