10th Dec 2010, 12:32

I have an 01 Subaru Limited in the standard gold jade green color combo with 100K miles. We have had it since '03. The front bumper had developed a wearing distorted stain. That is not a show stopper, and I can live with this issue.

The brakes and rotors had been a major league repetitive issue. I found a local service repair facility that specializes in brake and rotor work. So far so good.

The steering column transmits every imperfection in a road, with subsequent wobbling as a result. Recently, I had a set of Michelin tires installed. What a tremendous difference. At least 80 percent of the wobble effect had diminished. When traveling 70+ I can notice it. However, if you seek a great tire to resolve this issue, go with the Michelin.

The cruise control had recently stopped working, but I fixed that by cleaning the steering wheel contact.

The driver's side floor area has air infusion that will chill your left leg from foot to knee in foul North East weather. I also am disappointed that the door design lacks framing. The window edge seats in the weather seal of the car frame. Noise from wind is commonplace.

Lately I have smelled faint to moderate gasoline vapor invading the cabin. I checked the engine compartment and did not find residual liquid evidence. I understand the purge valve and the gas tank fill tubing are connected with this issue.

The car had a head gasket recall that I became aware of through Internet info. The repair cost was high. However, Subaru owned up to it and paid for the expense. I give them a wave of accolades for that. If I had a choice, I would buy another 99 Toyota Avalon. That car is as loyal as a blood hound by your feet.