26th Apr 2003, 10:57

The losing oil issue has more to do with the Mobile Synthetic oil than anything. I had a 98 VW GTI with the VR6 engine and when I ran Synthetic oil the car went through a quart of oil every 1000 to 3000 miles. VW told me the same story that Subaru did, about it being within limits and then made me go back to regular oil.

The real reason for this comment is my current 2002 Subaru Outback. The car is cheap and over-priced, but does run okay. My clutch however (I have driven clutched cars for 25 years) at 12,000 miles started to shutter and slip. Subaru, after warning me that I may have to pay for it, did replace the clutch under warranty after finding problems with it. The fact that my clutch was replaced at 14,500 miles is crazy and a sign, in my opinion, of power quality and workmanship.

12th Jan 2004, 16:07

Hey Steven, I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing the oil burning problem. I thought it was a defect in the motor or something more major. I have used Synthetic mobil oil since day one when we bought our 2001 outback with 18,000 miles on it. I have changed the oil religiously every 3,000 miles plus adding prolong booster which I really think will help with overall performance and the motor life in general. All the auto parts dealers that I have talked to about prolong have really loved this stuff. I have been using it since 95' have had no problems with all of my Auto's or trucks. the local Subaru Guru swears by it and tells me that there is no reason that with continued regular maintenance these cars should get over 300,000 miles on the motors without any serious problems. Just thought I would mention this stuff. Have a great day.


25th Jul 2006, 17:57

I have a 2003 Baja that runs with Mobil One. It was broken in correctly and is a very tight non-leaker. In other words, treat your car nice, it treats you nice.