11th Jun 2004, 04:54

There are hundreds of Subarus of all styles with clutch-shudder problems being reworked under warranty here in Australia.

The dealers do their best to not admit there is a problem, I see them like insurance companies who also do their darndest to not 'pay up'.

My Forrester GT is currently being fitted with the latest clutch, split flywheel etc, from Japan, but after much wrangling with the dealer.

Unlike the US, Aussie Subis are fully imported from Japan.

22nd Jul 2004, 12:29

Overall it is a great car. During a typical winter in the Adirondacks it's a gift to have AWD. What I do not like about the car is the KNOCKING when it first starts up until it reaches operating temperature. The dealer says it is with in tolerance. Its embarrassing when you go down the street and it knocks. also the brakes are hard to reach for consequently you have to move your seat forward to reach the brakes and that brings you close to the steering wheel.

12th Jan 2005, 13:51

2000 Subaru Outback - 93,000 miles. Overall I still like my Subaru however there have been a host of problems. At 52,000 miles I had to have a leaking head gasket replaced. This was done under warranty. The leak started at 48,000 miles a few months after the coolant in the car was changed. When the head gasket was replaced a special additive was put into the coolant to prevent head gasket leaks in the future. Subaru said any time the coolant is changed on my model Subaru that the additive must be included. There have been some electrical problems with the car such as the rear wiper motor going, switch for heated seat needed replaced and finally the factory installed 6 disc CD player needed to be replaced. At approximately 80,000 miles the automatic transmission developed problems where it wouldn't engage in cold weather. It turned out to be problems with the seals. A re-manufactured transmission was installed a substantial cost. Presently, I am now having problems with the smell of gas coming through the air vent when the car is warm and at idle. The car was checked for leaks. No leaks were found. It could be a problem with the exhaust forward of the catalytic converter. I have to bring the car into the dealer for continued service with regard to the latest concern.

22nd Dec 2005, 23:24

On the smell of gas, it may be dead mice in the ventilation system. We have had this twice - they seem to like Subarus.

24th Dec 2005, 01:59

I've also had the problem recently where I've been smelling gas through the vents. If anybody knows conclusively what this may be, please share. I don't have the money to pay for the explorations necessary to diagnose it. My car has about 113k on it and just started this within the last couple thousand miles, right around the time my check engine light came on the first time. It will stay on for a few days then shut off for a month then come back on again...

27th Dec 2005, 12:52

My check engine light came on about 2 months ago. I had it checked at my local dealer and they said the catalytic converter needs replacement. Didn't have the money to do it then. Subsequently, the light goes off for a while then comes back on then off again. Have to have it replaced before inspection end of Jan '06 for a cost around $850. Whew!

17th Jan 2006, 17:51

I bought my 2000 Outback new and I now have about 93,000. I love the car. Clutch chatter is something I have become used to--I always thought it was my poor technique.

As with others I experienced a warranty replacement of head gaskets and a recall for coolant issues. Replaced the catalytic converter (s) at about 80,000.

But now, I've lost fifth gear-the transmission slips to neutral immediately! I worry about the cost of fixing that.

4th Feb 2006, 14:16

My 2000 Outback is at 130K. Overall the car has been great. Mine is the Limited model with all the options. Here's my list of problems. At approx 50K intermittently the car would not go forward when I put it in drive. Had a couple of tranny flushes that seemed to work. Starter died at 90K (replaced myself). Same day I had timing belt and water pump (still OK) replaced (105K), the power steering pump failed. Tech said it was a coincidence because he took the belt off. That was the most expensive day so far. Right front wheel bearing broke at 120K. At the moment I have to get popping CV joint on left side fixed. The transmission has gotten a lot worse. Probable replacement needed this week. Oh yes, oil seals have been leaking for at least 20K miles. Gets on exaust and stinks. It does smell like gas which could explain other folks problem. Tranny and oil leak fix will be very expensive which will require bank loan, but overall very happy with the car. Only 2 brake jobs and 2 sets of tires in 130K says a lot. Still rides like new. I'm going to keep it.

Bob L. Richmond VA

4th Feb 2006, 17:45

"Tranny and oil leak fix will be very expensive which will require bank loan,"

WHOA! This stupid thing is falling apart around your ears and it's time to dump it! You got some good mileage out of it, and that's great, but now that it's going to start requiring repairs of the bank-loan magnitude, let it go and pick up something cheaper and better.

17th Mar 2006, 15:13

You and I must own the same vehicle! I have many of the same issues with my 2000 Subaru Outback and wondering how I get it fixed enough to trade it in before I have more issues pop up.

I did not have the leaky head gasket as early as you (or at least not to my knowledge), but we're sure that's what is happening currently at 113,000 miles and probably has been the issue for the last 20,000 miles that we thought it was just a result of overfill at the last check-up, etc.

I had an issue with a pinging in my engine - was told that it was the result of a bad "oil ring" and would need to be replaced - cost would have been upwards of $3000 if it hadn't been covered under my extended warranty - car was at 82,000 miles and repair ended up being a newer used engine was installed (32,000 miles on it). We're having the same pinging noise again and we're beyond the extended warranty and searching for info on what we can do, if repair was done correctly the first time, etc.

Car currently leaking antifreeze, needs brake work done, shocks/possibly struts, new tires (so much for those 80,000 mile tires - lasted only 50,000), and a new catalytic converter for $900. Lucky us.

We're attempting to fix some of the major issues before trading it in for a non-Subaru vehicle.

4th Apr 2006, 21:25

Very interesting to read all this. Bought a used 98 Legacy Outback, great for the first year, then spun a main bearing and had to get the engine replaced. I opted for a rebuilt engine from a reputable rebuilding company. Now after just 10000km with the new engine the head gasket has blown and the warranty company says they won't cover it! Was not from overheating, as the Subaru dealer pressure checked the coolant system, checked the rad. and thermostat. They said it is definitely a leaking head gasket, so I am really pushing the warranty company... quite a disaster. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Also if it does get replaced is the engine going to be the same???