1983 Subaru Rex Super Deluxe 668cc petrol Single Carb 2 Cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Economy and quick acceleration


Had to replace entire exhaust system to get a warranty (had holes), so I replaced it with a bigger Nissan Pulsar one.

It needs servicing very regularly (4,000kms); new plugs, oil and oil filter, engine flush and radiator flush.

It has started to rust real bad. I'm currently doing a lot of rust work around the bottom rear end and it needs a new passenger door, and the bonnet needs attention.

I have replaced the battery and everything has been serviced on this car.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick for something that has 4 cylinders and a capacity of only 660cc. It gets off the tach very fast -- top speed is around 165km/hour (mine anyway).

The standing 1/4 mile for a Rex is 21.7 seconds. (0-400m)

Very economical car; $5 '91' petrol gets you between 85~95kms; that's at $1.03 a litre; about 25km/L.

The car understeers greatly and has poor braking due to 135/R12 tyres.

It has enormous torque for something with such a small engine. It can go straight up a hill without the engine knocking or pinging.

The seats are very uncomfortable and the car is very small; I have my seat as far back as it can go.

Night visibility is poor due to low-powered headlights.

It's a much superior car to the Suzuki Alto or similar vehicle.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2002

1983 Subaru Rex Twin 650 carb 4 stroke from Australia and New Zealand


Amazing economy for cents


Starter motor was worn, often required a good heavy tap with a bar to get it working.

General Comments:

This car uses absolutely no gas at all.

It had stacks of torque for a 2 cylinder motor.

The motor was pretty noisy.

Handling was pretty terrible (135/50 R13), but the brakes were good.

The sunroof made it very bright and clean inside.

Interior was immaculate.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2002