1985 Subaru Sherpa 960cc I think from Australia and New Zealand


I think the Sherpa for its age proves its quality


I had to redo the head after my father overheated it and discarded the car on the back of his property; cost $700, that was about 600kms ago.

I have had no other problems with the car.

General Comments:

It has very little use as I use it for signage for my business, as the council won't let me put an a-frame on the side of the road, so I use my Sherpa.

It handles better around sharp corners and roundabouts than most other vehicles I have encountered. It is very small in comparison to other vehicles, sometimes making it a little nerve wracking.

I drove it over 400klm on one tank of petrol at an average speed of 105klms an hour, and the last 20klms I'm pretty sure were purely on fumes.

I LOVE the Sherpa. I recovered from certain death on my fathers property, polished it up and now its registered and sits proudly on the road promoting my business. The last time I filled it up with fuel was months ago as it just gets driven into my factory every night with the occasional run home to recharge the battery.

What a fantastic little car for round town or a 1st time car for a cash strapped student.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2008

1986 Subaru Sherpa from Australia and New Zealand


High value for money, unbeatable


New CV joints

Gear shift bushes renewed

Starter motor replaced with 2nd hand unit.

General Comments:

Most economical car I ever had, e. g around 4.2 l/100km

Quite fast and nippy and, as a wagon, lots of loading space.

More importantly: exhaust gas emissions is less than 1/2 of ordinary cars, emagine how low the CO2 emission is at only 4.2 l/100k?

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Review Date: 13th January, 2008

1988 Subaru Sherpa super deluxe 656cc from Australia and New Zealand


An absolute blast!!


The wheel hub lost its thread causing brake disc to come loose. $30 to fix.

The gearbox is losing the syncromesh in the second gear.

General Comments:

The Sherpa is an absolute gem of a car!

Gets up the big hills pulling at 100 km, not too stable speeding down the windy hills at 120 km though.

This week I got 424 km to 23 litres of fuel.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2003

4th Jun 2003, 04:44

Sherpas just rock that's all ican say. read the other sherpa reviews and comments to get the picture. good review dude.

13th Nov 2003, 20:25

My 20 yr old Sherpa has the same problem - losing synchro in 2nd gear. Wonder if it's a common thing for sherpas.

Otherwise still going strong!

23rd Nov 2003, 04:54

My 1988 2 cylinder 667cc has done 104000 km's, is used every day as my runabout, and the only cost in the last 3 years has been a spring replacement in the trafficator unit, which is the same as a Nissan Pulsar, and a new rear muffler. The total cost has been $72-00. I did spend $500 on the 100000 service, replacing all belts, filters, hoses and a good general tidy up. My other car is a Mercedes Benz, recent model, in which I have travelled 2400 km. in 14 months. I am amazed at how reliable and tractable the Sherpa is, and I find the gearing very well spaced for a 4 speed.Foil.

22nd Dec 2004, 00:58

I gotta say that I love my little Sherpa! Since my Corona blew up, I was strapped for cash and managed to pick up a little white Sherpa for only $500. At the moment, petrol prices here are skyrocketing, while many people have to pay up to $100+ per week for fuel, I use $10 or less, and I drive it everyday! Go Sherpa!

25th Sep 2006, 05:20

I have recently purchased a little sherpa for $100. Runs well, tidy inside. I want to rego it, but not sure what type of car it is classified as, a hatch back, a panel van?? For such a little car, registration is extremely expensive.

1st Feb 2007, 18:45

The previous poster should look at the registration costs for motorcycles (I was thinking of learning to ride one, assuming they cost little to register). Bicycles fitted with engines under 200W are the only way to motor without rego draining your wallet of between $25-50 a month.

24th Jul 2014, 08:34

Wow buddy,

You got super mileage with your Sherpa. I just bought my first one for $100, and it is really clean and runs excellent. I was a motorcycle mechanic for 10 years, so I'm looking forward to working on it for sure. I will be trying to buy another for parts or making it special or some such thing? Mine is an 84, so I feel parts should not be hard to get? I had a 1800cc push rod Subaru before, and the only problem was the CV joint, which I read some had problems with here in Oz also? You can call me for more information if you wish as my computer is not very reliable.

Take care and God be with you all. Kent.

07-4168-9780 or 0448479312