1992 Subaru Wagon L from North America


The go anywhere family or filled up with gear and dog car that can't be beat


Check engine light periodically comes on and will go off after a quick push on the gas pedal.

The right rear brake has had several issues ranging from quick, uneven wear to loud grinding that no one seems to be able to fix. If we lube it every month or so, it will not grind or wear unevenly.

Axles replaced, CV boots replaced, and other general maintenance for a car with high miles.

General Comments:

We loved our Toyota 4X4 Pick-up, but had to look for something else with a baby on the way. The Subaru wagon was the perfect choice. We have put over 18K miles on it a year, and it still runs great with no engine problems. We planned to run it well over 200K until it was recently totaled. We have been searching for another Subaru Wagon, but have had a hard time finding an older model, as owners love them and keep them forever.

With all these miles, we have yet to see one speck of oil leak from it. (Of course we take care of our car carefully and it takes care of us).

Although we bought it at 122K, we believe it has the original transmission. The transmission is just beginning to show signs of wear.

The starter does have an unusual habit of "sleeping in" on cold mornings. We can usually wake it up with a few shakes to the front end and some early morning prayers. The starter is in fine condition, and apparently a lazy starter is just something to watch out for on some Subaru's.

While other four wheel drive SUV's are spinning out driving in snow, the Legacy drives smooth and straight, giving our family peace of mind in normally worrisome conditions. We only worry about those other "all-terrain" vehicles!

We had a Jeep Cherokee that had many mechanical problems, but did well in the snow. We had a Toyota 4X4 that had little mechanical problems, but had to be put into gear, wheels locked, and sandbags loaded in the back to keep it from skidding out on the ice. The Subaru is the best of both worlds, plus it gets much better gas mileage. Even if you don't drive in snowy or dirt road conditions often, you will be glad you have that all wheel drive on a rainy day. If you find a good deal on a Subaru wagon, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2002