1997 Suzuki Alto 1.0 from Israel


Do what it should


Thinking of buying Suzuki alto, for you believe it's a cheap car, here is a short story that will make you think it again:

Some not so nice person broke my headlamp.

I did not have any choice, but purchasing the lamp. This is way I called the dealer of Suzuki in my country and was shocked to hear the price for the headlamp: They asked for it 500$, yes I am writing it right, five hundreds in American dollars. For a comparison, headlamp for Volvo will cost about 200$ (and this car cost about ten times more). For that reason, I contacted Suzuki (or Maruti) in India. It took them about a month to return and only after I called by telephone (they simply did not answer the mail I sent). Last, they spook with the dealer in Israel and got him to offer me the lamp for 350$ (it took them about 4 months). To my understanding this is way too much.

From speaking with others I can tell, the prices for parts for alto is higher for the most what's make it not really a cheap car.

So if any one knows of a left headlamp for alto to sell, please contact me: 1hagai@walla.com.

General Comments:

Suzuki alto=not really a cheap car!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 24th March, 2005