2002 Suzuki Alto VXR 1.0 from Pakistan


Best small car with good prices as compare to other


Treble in starting the car especially in cold.

General Comments:

A good car, as compare to other small cars.

A four-cylinder engine gives smooth and powerful drive.

Beautiful and bright headlights and beautiful aero-dynamical structure gives a great look.

Much strong then other small cars.

Beautiful interior.

Ground clearance is high, like a mini suv.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2004

18th Nov 2004, 07:50

I would just like to add some observations regarding the Suzuki 800 assembled in Pakistan.

1. The over all look of the vehicle has not really changed since it was first launched.

2. The interior has a poor finish, compare this to the Indian version of the vehicle one feels as if we are hard done.

3. The overall price have exceeded beyond middle class scope. This can be clearly observed if we compare prices of Indian (AC version equivalent ~ 240,000/-) assembled vehicle with the Pakistani (AC version 350,000/-) version.