1995 Suzuki Baleno GS 1.6i 16v from Australia and New Zealand


An overlooked bargain


Small oil leak on distributor seal- a cheap fix.

At 90000 km the right side drive shaft boot failed, requiring replacement of the shaft.

Plastic hinge on center console lid failed.

Trims on door pillars coming away at top (exterior) - fixed once, but now needs doing again.

One blown door speaker- replaced with better pair.

General Comments:

After my old Alfa fell apart at the same time I took on my mortgage, I wanted an economical Japanese car with some extras. Mine is white with alloys, tints alarm etc. Have since added extra bits such as performance air filter. Car is uncovered when outside, yet still looks new after a wash and polish. Has been utterly reliable and is able to beat many more fancied cars on the road. Beats the Korean cars on every count.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2004

14th Jan 2006, 03:58

I have a 2000 Baleno 1800 Estate. The Plastic Hinge on centre console broke as well & replacement from a scrapyard is 1/3 broken.

Only other problem I've had is the top radiator hose started leaking past the clamps - replacement (2weeks del.) fixed it.

25th Sep 2006, 08:42

Well, it's been another 2 years & she's still behaving very well! Now up to 122,000km of mainly short journeys & kept outside without cover, she still looks great after a wash & polish. Have since put in a cd player, sports steering wheel & loads of other bits, including a nudge bar on the front. Have realised that as most cars I've had have only stayed for 2 years, after alomost 5 years with the Baleno, I'll keep it until it dies. Next on the list are better wheels...

27th Jul 2009, 10:48

It's now mid 2009 & I still have the car!

Now at 153,000km, it has now taken on an 80km round trip to work, rather than the 15km's of my previous job. The car is loving its new role & is now driving better than when I bought it at 77,000km. Nothing more has gone wrong; still on the original suspension, clutch, exhaust etc. It has now turned into the car that cannot be sold; even my mechanic can't fault it! So I'm going to keep running the old girl until major problems show.

Have just pulled all the interior panels off to add sound deadening, which has cured a number of ills.

Has now spent 7.5 years outside in all weathers, & even now scrubs up beautifully after a wash & polish.

1995 Suzuki Baleno GL 1.3 16v from Belgium


A good car for a very good price


Nothing was wrong with the Baleno that I have.

Reliability 100%.

One remark: the car could be a bit more quiet - of course it is not a limousine! ;-).

General Comments:

Fantastic car to drive in a city: parking no problems (4 doors version I have).

Nice glove compartment between the front seats (for the cups).

Comfortable back seats.

A small big car. We could travel with 4 people, thousands of km and full trunk.

The car is not an object that people want to steal! They prefer BMW...

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Review Date: 17th June, 2003

1995 Suzuki Baleno GS 1.6 from UK and Ireland


The best hot hatch you can buy for the money!

General Comments:

Overall I think this is a great car. It's quick and great fun to drive. Reliable too... nearly 7 years old and not a single problem.

The interior is well designed making it easy to reach all the controls whilst remaining in a safe comfortable driving position.

The car is of very high spec when compared with a Nissan Micra or car of this ilk. Full electrics (windows/mirrors) are fitted as standard, along with twin airbags, which at the time of purchase was very unusual for a vehicle in this price bracket.

The seats are comfortable, although can cause a bit of backache on a trip up the M1!

The performance is great to. Reaching 0-62 in about 10 seconds! I have managed 121 in my Baleno which I also find to be amazing.

Generally this is a brilliant car, it's cheap, efficient and worth every penny.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2002

16th Nov 2005, 08:52

My dad has a baleno they are very good cars mine is the 1.6 injection this car is very easy to wheelspin.