Baleno GLX 1.6 SOHC

You get what you pay for

242 words, Australia and New Zealand

Baleno GS 1.6 16v

Luke warm performing hot hatch

70 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Baleno GS 1.6 16v

No one knows what it is!

180 words, UK and Ireland


Don't buy it unless you have to

87 words, Israel

Baleno GL 1.3

A nice car to drive

91 words, Greece

Baleno GS 1.6 16v

Cheap fun

600 words, UK and Ireland, 16 comments

Baleno GLX Estate 1.6

Great car!

34 words, Netherlands

Baleno GLX 1.6 petrol

Disappointed with Suzuki's technology

94 words, Singapore

Baleno GS SE 1.6i 16v petrol

46 words, UK and Ireland