2002 Suzuki Baleno Wagon 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand

General Comments:

I have contributed to this site before with cars that I own.

However, a recent one week rental prompted me to add this review.

I have not driven such an appalling car for at least 20 years.

Where do I start?

Slow as a wet weekend.

No legroom.

Every panel in the car rattled. Sounded like a bag of marbles let loose in a biscuit tin.

Drank petrol at an alarming rate!!

Steering felt like I was attempting to lassoo a merecat with a long rubber band.

Ride was like two unattached pairs of wheels sloppily articulated somewhere in the middle.

I hasten to add that I have no axe to grind -I have owned a Vitara and a Swift along with countless Suzuki bikes, including the magnificent GT750.

Next time I hire, I will insist on a Corolla.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 29th May, 2004