2001 Suzuki Carry Van 1.2 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Good little van, fun to drive


I had to replace the battery, the petrol tank and filter, as the tank had rusted, polluting the fuel and clogging the filter. The clutch was slipping a little, so I had a new clutch kit installed.

General Comments:

Great van for courier; as I deliver car parts, it suits my job to a tee.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2020

2001 Suzuki Carry Van 1.3 from Guernsey


Very reliable. Treat the bodywork with a little TLC


Mechanically nothing.

General Comments:

I purchased this van from new and it's now 18 years old and mechanically has never let me down. My annual mileage is low, so I have the oil changed every 12 months and a full service every 2 years; the only cost to me bar serviceable items was a solenoid.

The bodywork is cheap, and tiny and various minor things have gone with door runners, locks etc. A spot rust appears with any scratch, but they don't spread and are easily touched up to keep tidy, which it still is after 18 years, and I can't say I've really looked after it, just polished it a few times and that's it.

Brilliant little van for light use. Unfortunately not made any more, otherwise I would jump at the chance to buy again.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2017

9th Jun 2017, 11:49

Have owned the Carry from new 2003.

Oil changed every year full service every 2 years.

144,000 on the clock and still runs like new.

Clutch replaced at 97,000 miles, and one set of front disks. Apart from brakes, batteries etc, absolutely bullet proof mechanically.

Body work is different and cheaply put together; handles, runners etc all replaced a few times.

A local garage tarts them up and sells them on with a 3 month warranty regardless of mileage, which probably explains everything. If it has been regularly serviced, you really will not go wrong with the Suzuki Carry.

1981 Suzuki Carry Van ST30 Series 0.5L from Australia and New Zealand


Light, cheap, tinny but reliable. Not terribly durable, though


Very simple, underpowered car, not much to go wrong. Door skin was so thin, someone put a sizable dent in passenger's door, by gently leaning on it! Red paint faded badly in the 4 years we had it.

General Comments:

Tinny, cheap, and barely enough go to keep it moving. The tiny engine was not bad though, considering it was only 500cc (motorbike engine, perhaps?!). Very tinny, lightweight construction though. Had an accident in one, we were OK due to the front bull bar. We may be dead now if not for that, as the only thing between the road and our legs was a single, thin sheet of metal.

Legs got burnt on the driver's side (down low) due to painted uninsulated metal. Soon learnt not to let our legs touch the bottom of the seat! Only two seats made family trips difficult; hey we used to travel in the back unrestrained (idiotic!)

All in all, not a bad car basically. Most didn't last that long, 10 years or so, due to rust and possibly the tiny 500cc engine being revved to death, in order to keep up with traffic!

Amusingly, Suzuki made a SUPER Carry, which featured a big block 800cc (from a motorbike, no doubt!).

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Review Date: 7th November, 2015

2004 Suzuki Carry Van from Indonesia


Very fun to drive for Indonesian roads


I noticed some details of the interior have peeled off. I also heard some rattles at the back. I noticed some scratches on the exterior, but that would be the owner's fault. But this car is pretty old though.

General Comments:

This is not my car, I test drove it because I was so curious of how it feels when driving a minivan.

My first impression when I got inside was the front visibility. Because it doesn't have a bonnet (because the engine is placed at the bottom), you can see everything very clearly. This is very useful in Indonesia, as the roads in Indonesia are extremely tight, and the drivers here often steal other driver's lanes, despite that the road regulation in Indonesia is not really straight.

Usually, at the tight cornering in-front of my friend's apartment, normal cars would probably slow down until it stops, and then they go into reverse and find a nice angle to pass through the tight corner. While with this car though, I don't need to, I even can go around 30km/h in that tight corner, thanks to its compact size and the absence of the front bonnet (and it attracted people's attention too, because I was going so fast at that corner). I feel confident when taking it to small roads (It's called jalan kampung in here), where usually you are forced to overtake the car in front by the car behind you.

Here in Indonesia, we have a special technique to overtake on tight roads, where usually we make the car on half of the lane, and stick the bonnet close to the car in front, and then as soon as there is no car on opposite lane, get ready to gas it. With a clear visibility with this car, I found it very easy to overtake.

Parking it in extremely tight space is also easy with this car; it's even easier to park than a Toyota Yaris or Honda Jazz. I never thought driving a minivan could ever been this fun. This is a special car.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2011