1997 Suzuki Cultus 1.3L 4 cylinder 16v from North America


I left 6 relationships for this vehicle


CV boot on passenger side, left light burnt out, one flat tire.

General Comments:

My grandmother purchased this mighty vehicle when I was only four years-old. Brand new, no finance for only $3995. I have spent all my young-years in the passenger seat, and have loved every minute of it! When I turned 16 with my driver's license, I was stunned when she gave me the vehicle as a family-gift. Yes, it needed a safety. What all did it need? A headlight. That was it! The service on our beloved Cultus was, well, almost never. Oil changes are always late (at least 10,000km each interval), always 5W-20 cheap oil, but the engine, 'Wow' is all I have to say.

So now I am 21 years old in 2015, yet the Cultus is still kicking with original everything. Kilometer count was checked this morning and it showed 709,633.2 km; she is a strong kid. The ride comfort is astonishing. Much better than my friend's Civic and his mom's Acadia. My landlord compares my Cultus with his '83 Rolls-Royce. How do you compare Britain's top-of-the-line 4-door to the cheapest passenger vehicle in North America since 2001?

The services needed in my possession was a flat tire and a CV boot. Total cost: $88.92. Fuel mileage? From Regina to Winnipeg doing 100km/h it only took me $18 in fuel; yet the car only holds $21. For hauling? It is a mini-Freightliner. I hauled a shed with a 9ft by 9ft wooden roof on the top of the vehicle, including the sidings dismantled and sitting in the rear seats; it was a walk in the park for this vehicle. Sure, I got laughs and looks, but I could have spent a lot more on hiring a lame-teen with his daddy's half-ton for 10x the money I spent with my car.

Since then, I have purchased 5 more of these little 'trucks', all for under $400 and plan on restoring them for my little museum. Unfortunately, Suzuki left North America in 2013 due to little interest in their vehicles. Which is a shame, because I can outwork even the newest 1/2 ton pickup trucks with my Suzuki.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st September, 2015