2004 Suzuki Cultus VXR 1.0 from Pakistan


A great car with great performance!


A sound comes from the right side of the dashboard.

Spare parts are still expensive.

General Comments:

Actually I want to tell the general public that this car, and most of the other cars designed from Japan in Pakistan, are not meant to run on CNG.

That's why most of the people face problems in running of this car in hilly areas.

I recommend to use Petrol instead of CNG in steep hilly areas, and experience the liberation.

Also, if you want to go to top speed, use petrol, and you can go up to 150 km/h.

Use 4th gear instead of 5th to gain top speed, because 5th gear is designed for economy, not for speed.

I would like to give some tips for high performance of this car.

1. Replace your spark plugs immediately, which come with the genuine fitting of this car. Because they are not genuine spark plugs. They will have a brand named as "HERO", which is a brand of China.

2. Replace these spark plugs with Denso (Japanese brand) and you will see that your car goes up to 150 km/h on petrol (4th gear).

3. Also set your timing to advance to run this car on CNG.

4. Clean your filter regularly.

5. A sound that comes from left of the dashboard in most of the Cultus is due to the loosening of the pin of bonnet (left side). Go to mechanic and he will repair it.

6. Act upon these tips and tell me what you've got.

Your healthy comments are welcome!

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Review Date: 1st December, 2006

18th Dec 2006, 15:12

For attaining max speed minimize use of current. i. e avoid high beam and power windows.

ZEX plugs will give more performance than denso.

21st Apr 2009, 03:03

Yes I agree with the comments on the Cultus, and I am a great fan of this car, owning it since 2000, and have clocked 137,000 km to date.

The bonnet hinge has a problem, and the door hinges have gone loose, filter needs a good cleaning regularly, and it gives 15 kmpl in city and 22 kmpl on the highway with the A/C on.

2004 Suzuki Cultus VXR CNG 1.1 from Pakistan


No value for the money


No resting hook for hood holder.

Front lights are not aligned.

Side door rubbers are coming out.

Steering wheel is not straight.

General Comments:

The very first day I got my car, and I found the workmanship questionable.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2004

24th May 2006, 02:55

I agree with the above comments. I bought 2006 model car, and from first day it is going to the workshop 2 times per week on average. The workshops are useless and they are not cooperative. CNG kit is not standard. Dash board is giving noise. No pickup. Does not go above 120km/hr. I wish that Suzuki Motors Japan know what the Pakistani company is doing with their fame.

1st Jul 2006, 09:33

I agree with all the comments above. I bought a Cultus recently 2006, and it broke down while coming to my home. Quality control is questionable. Most of the rubber parts are coming out. The quality of interior is miserable. The electric distributor got burned in the second week and was not covered in the warranty (God only knows what do they cover in warranty). The dealers service and knowledge is fairly limited and quite careless.

I wish Suzuki could have provided some value for money, and would have cared for the customer's interest. I would never buy any Suzuki car again.

2004 Suzuki Cultus VXR 1.0 from Pakistan


Only to buy when one forced to


Not having appropriate power in hilly areas.

Door locks are not working properly.

Doors are making noises.

Two parts of bumpers are not nicely.

Jointed especially the rear bumper.

One rear speaker is not in working condition.

Breaks are not too good.

General Comments:

Final checking at factory is not efficient as car have many small faults.

Fittings like handles, belts, speakers etc, are of very inferior quality.

Good quality mud flaps should be provided and fixed by the company.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2004

13th Oct 2006, 01:40

Dear Major Sadaat.

I have taken my 2003 Cultus to as far as Khunjerab Pass. Twice. No problems. Most probably the ignition timing of your car needs to be adjusted a little bit.

2004 Suzuki Cultus VXR CNG 1.0 petrol from Pakistan


Nice car, good value for money


Nothing yet, but it had non-functional wipers upon delivery and that is none of the design fault, but a mere production problem.

General Comments:

The car has extremely good interior as compared to the Khyber (discontinued model). Performance is good as well, but not a fuel efficient vehicle. CNG operation is very smooth and economical. The engine is powerful. Body design is elegant. Overall it gives a nice drive and is a comfortable family car. But no room for luggage in CNG version.

No rear door switches and front speakers and most importantly, it does not have a day/night rear view mirror, just a simple day mirror.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2004