2007 Suzuki Cultus from Pakistan


Go ahead if you are that guy looking for a decent looking car for your family


So far none! No problems with the main engine...

However there have been a few finishing issues I had to confront with...

1. Very poor doors... especially the front ones; you have really got to put in a lot of effort just to close them...

Then they are too stiff... just don't seem smooth and cozy, and to put in short words, NOT UP TO THE MARK AT ALL!

2. Second thing... though very trivial I suppose, but still worth mentioning was an occasional leak of coolant from the radiator...

General Comments:


This is simply too pathetic... without any customization it honestly sucks...

It's got 2 stock 3 inch speakers at the back... a little bass and metal; your babies don't stand a chance...

Then it becomes a nightmare for the family cuz guys at the front can't listen to a thing, and people in the back are crying hopelessly to stop the miserable punishment on their ears...

BUT then given its initial low price, a few bucks spent on the audio system, and it doesn't seem any big deal at all...


Can't say why one of the guy earlier was so critical of this car's braking... from my stand point there seem no problems in there at all...


The overall look and design of the car is not of a sports car... nor it was ever meant to be that... yet even the custom engine has got a great pick and approx. it does 0-60 in an impressive 4.5 seconds!!

Top speed is an issue... but then who wants to go over 130 mark when you are with your 'family'... a car specifically built to be one...


Stock shocks are too stiff... for all those drift freaks out there this is definitely not the car you are looking for...

Air conditioning:

6/10 but little too noisy.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2007

2007 Suzuki Cultus VXR 1.0 from Pakistan


Old is gold - don't buy new ones


Various seals were missing in the newly received car.

Screws were loose.

Doors are not flushed with the body as a result, air gushes in with a lot of noise at high speeds.

Various components including backseats were not adequately fitted.

One handle used for lowering/raising window glass was broken and was fitted by wrapping polythene sheet around knob.

CNG cylinder had to be raised by about 1.3 cm in order to facilitate placement/retrieval of spare wheel.

General Comments:

I used a Suzuki Cultus from 2001 till end of 2006. I drove it for almost 200000 Km. I liked the vehicle for quality of parts, workmanship, its performance, and reliability. Thus I bought a new one in year 2007 and today I repent that. I keep comparing the new vehicle with 2001 model and realize it was a mistake to go for a new one. The older model was much better than the latest one. In addition to the compromises the company has made in quality of products over the years, they seem to have done away with quality control. While the new vehicle had a sticker on the windshield declaring it 'OK for delivery', I wonder who, in his/her right senses, would OK a vehicle with dozens of obvious flaws like missing components. The attitude of the dealers and their staff is equally annoying. I consider it better to show my vehicle to roadside mechanics rather than the dealers.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2007

5th May 2008, 05:39

I bought cultus VXRi august 07. I am truly disheartened as its just a nut with a toffee coating. I am having numerous problem like the door doesn't close properly, window pane rubber gets out of its area every now and then. Seat doesn't adjust right from the day I bought it. I wonder Japenese a regarded as the number 1 in terms of quality and user friendly services but that I don't see them here in Pakistan. Nobody, NOBODY from Japan, I think have seen the conditions of their NEWLY manufactured or assembled I rather say, cars.

Dealers are number 1 in taking cars and then they forgets that customers are the first priority.

I hope this cartel brakes up and open up to chienes quality products I would surely going to sell at the first place.

FOR SUZUKI JAPAN: ForGod sake kindly look into the matter of quality. Although the price as compared to neighbouring markets are VERY high but quality...