12th Mar 2006, 00:26

I had the water in the trunk issue as well. I fixed it by removeing the seal around the trunk and sealing/glueing it back with RTV sealant. Fixed the problem 100% even in down pours.

Over all I like the car, especially for the price.

10th Apr 2006, 00:26

I have a 1996 Esteem GLX with auto tranny, i need to clean/replace the tranny filter, anyone knowing about it?,thank you.

10th Apr 2006, 17:24

Before my ex and I went our separate ways, I helped her purchase a 2001 Suzuki Esteem. We looked high and low before we settled on the Esteem (it also helped slightly that we located a dealer getting rid of them with 0% finance deals). We picked out the 2001 GLX with the 1.8 liter and four speed automatic transmission. I can safely say this car is on par with Civics and Corollas. Not necessarily better, but it'll put a smile on your face and make you realize there are other Japanese manufacturers that know how to make great cars.

2nd Jun 2009, 23:22

I have had this 1999 Suzuki Esteem for 4 years now (second owner) and am finally looking to replace it. It has been a pleasure to own after I blew up my 1989 Acura Legend's fuel injectors. I got it at 90k miles and it is now about 140k.

Good points include:

- The handling is excellent

- The pickup is certainly adequate

- It has been maintenance free aside from a rear main seal issue, which was actually due to improper oil changes.

The only things I've noticed are:

- The lights are completely fogged up now -- but it's a 10 year old car.

- The heatshield began to rattle but eventually fell off :D

- The A/C vents were never 'secure' when I got the car

- The center console top broke off

- The A/C blower motor is slightly off balance, causing a violent buzz at mid-high blower speeds.

Most of these issues are cosmetic and not necessarily NOT my fault... This is a great car, and if you find one at a good price with low mileage it will do the job.