1979 Suzuki Fronte 550cc petrol from Chile


Was a lot fun till it died


Due to age, I guess:

Floor rusted enough to see thru.

Steering column bearing was replace by a piece of hose (yes.. HOSE).

Faulty electrical system.

One headlight circuit just stopped working.

No brakes.

Timing belt collapsed while running, killing the engine.

While aligning front axle just disassembled.

Gear box fork broke, rendering 3,4 and R useless.

Bearing rim broke and lost all of gearbox oil, in the highway in the middle of nowhere.

Right rear spring just collapsed.

All above I can understand because the age, but what I did hate were the 10 inch wheels, it always seems to be that you were "going down" when entering the car.

Not car's fault, but it also got stolen and all the inside got broken.

General Comments:

I got this car as a gift from my mother when I was 19. She on purpose got the slowest car on earth for me not to get killed.

I have to say that I enjoyed this car with all its faults, which I think were caused because of its age. (car would be 30 years old if alive, which I can't tell if is or not)

I learned a lot of basics mechanics same day of ownership: had to replace all rubber mountings of the rear suspension as they where just non-existent, and the clunk noise was unbearable.

Also, learned how to repair drum brakes as all four where drums, and either there were no spare parts or they were way too expensive compared to the value of the car.

I write this with a of big smile, as this is exactly what I expected when I first saw the car. Being almost a 20 year old entry level car with so many owners I was almost the 10th, no almost new condition could be expected.

Also, It was more a sort of "laboratory" for me as I started to fix whatever I could by myself.

The engine was 550 cc, 4 speed gearbox, and top speed was 110 km/h, with tail wind. No joking on that.

Had to replace pistons rings as car had NO compression after a year.

Anyway, it was bought for about a candy and sold for the same once dead.

This was the perfect gift for a kid that liked mechanics and had no money :)

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Review Date: 18th August, 2009

3rd Aug 2016, 18:20

An update.

The car is effectively dead.

I got sort of a "nostalgic arrest" and went on to the equivalent of the DMV to request an ownership certificate.

The car has been terminated due to scrapping.

I was thinking of buying it back and restoring it, but it's gone.

Oh well.