2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.7L from North America


You get what you pay for


Rattling in the dashboard area.

Clunk noise heard coming from the rear drum brake area when you let off the brakes.

General Comments:

The interior of this car is very attractive, but I found the seats lacked lumbar support and my back starts to hurt at around 200 miles of driving. A rattling noise coming from the dashboard area (near the clock and avg fuel comsumption meter) but goes away after interior cabin is warm.

Performance of this vehicle is average. I have a 5 speed manual transmission and you have to get your rpm's up to get moving. The transmission would be better if it shifted smoother. The ride is smooth on smooth roads and a bit rough on rough roads and sounds like you can hear every pebble you roll over.

Overall this car is average, but a bit discouraging because of the dashboard noise and the brake noise from a brand new car. Maybe I might have to use 100,000 mile warranty it comes with. But I hope not to.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2006

12th Oct 2006, 09:08

Rear drum brakes on a new 2006 model??? wow that is cheap and old fashioned.

3rd Nov 2006, 05:40

Rear drums are the right equipment for this type of vehicle-discs rust over with gentle, adverse/salty or slow use, and are better suited to sports or high performance models. Drum brakes are more reliable for the hand-brake as well, because they don't contract on cooling and let the car roll away! Remember the Xantia recalls etc?

Drums are the engineers choice for this application, and are more economical in parts costs on replacement-perfect for a working 4x4. This is normal for honest and straightforward brands like Suzuki, and commendable.

Discs are often used to sound good on spec sheets for those who have little idea about engineering applications, but are comparing specs.

They cost unnecessarily more to fit, maintain and replace while giving no benefit to the vehicle's performance, and in this case are more likely to cause a fault with caliper seizure, rusting and pitting.