2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara Leather / luxury package 2.7L V6 from Jamaica


Best value in SUVs



General Comments:

Refreshing update to the previous styling - a muscular yet polished look (specially in black!). No minivan styling here!

Despite what other reviews might say, the V6 engine DOES have enough kick and is not loud. It does however, give a lusty growl when you talk to it with your right foot. It is quick off the line but should get out of the lower gears with more alacrity. Handling & braking are good for a SUV. Ride quality is very good with little or no body roll when cornering. Auto leveling HID lighting is quite effective. Mirror coverage is good (less blind areas).

Interior is nicely appointed with enough space for 4 plus a baby seat. Climate control does its job well. 7 speaker sound is very good.

Despite getting more than the EPA stated mileage figures, I hope to see improvements in engine/transmission management systems for better fuel economy. In addition, dual HID and more storage spaces (under seat, driver's side dash & trunk) should be considered to improve this vehicle.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2008

15th Nov 2008, 09:54

I have been considering buying the 2.7 Grand Vitara when I move to Jamaica shortly. I was informed that the lower profile tyres that come with the (pre face lift) leather package were not as good on Jamaican roads as the cheaper non leather version. This review did not mention this as a problem, so I might proceed with the better equiped car. I will need to check what is available on the face lift version.

5th Nov 2010, 05:55

We bought a used Suzuki 2.7 V6 with the luxury / leather package to replace our old Chrysler PT Cruiser. So far, the car has been absolutely fantastic. Fuel economy isn't great on the V6, but it's better than the Ford Escape we used to have.

I do agree: the V6 engine is a very good performer - I'm not sure where some of the other comments were coming from. It's quick, quiet and very dynamic.