2nd Aug 2012, 22:30

I agree, I have 2011 GV 2.4. I love it.

Funnily enough, I have the same exhaust knock. I had my 1st (15000) service at an independent mechanic, and it was a lot cheaper. For warranty jobs, it has to go to Suzuki unfortunately to get them fixed.

I bought the GV after looking at many compact and medium SUVs, after owning a 2003 Subaru Liberty (Legacy) sedan. I wanted something more practical, and for a little bit of off roading. Bought the GV, as it was the only real 4x4 with permanent AWD and a low range transfer case.

22nd Aug 2012, 15:36

Without the coolant flush, the maintenance cost was $471 CDN. I figured that isn't too bad, and would probably be the same as an independent mechanic. Also, the Suzuki technicians are the best qualified to conduct the work quick and as per requirements.

I'm now at 71K KM's with the 75K maintenance approaching. I will probably take it back to Suzuki.

Thanks for the advice.

22nd Aug 2012, 16:09

Update from the writer of the original post!

Currently I'm at 71K without any major issues except for the following:

1) The rattle heard while accelerating was detected from the exhaust. The connection of the two heat shields around the exhaust tubing (near the catalytic converter) corroded and became loose. The loose tin of the heat shield tapped against the exhaust tubing while accelerating. The Suzuki technicians were not able to hear the noise only, until the heat shield was fully loose and the rattle was consistent on each acceleration they heard it. Suzuki does not sell the heat shields separately, so GV owners have two options. One, cut it off, and two, have all the exhaust piping replaced. At the time, I was covered under warranty, so all the tubing from the engine to the muffler was replaced, a total cost of $1,800 CDN (I did not pay for this). I suggest that all GV owners inspect their shields if they are experiencing this rattle. It would be great to have this replaced under warranty as I did.

2) The passenger air bag light came on. I informed the dealership, and they said they would inspect it on my visit. It was inspected, and they installed a module or some sort of update to computer that technically fixed it. The light hasn't come back on when someone is sitting on the passenger side. I did receive a letter from Suzuki that stated that my warranty for this SPECIFIC issue is extended to 100K or 10 years.

3) At slow speeds on bumps, inclines or dips, I hear creaks from the suspension. I had it looked at, at 3 different dealerships on numerous occasions, and the best response I received was that the suspension of these GV are engineered too stiff. Pretty ambiguous, but the technician has 20+ years experience with Suzuki, but he's not the engineer who designed the suspension. I've learnt to live with the creak; don't even notice it.

4) Brakes!!! I needed to replace all four at 55K KM's, because I was experiencing terrible steering wheel and pedal vibrations. I was disappointed with this. I figure it's because the truck is heavy. I had the fronts replaced first by Suzuki, and I replaced the rears myself a few km's later. At 71K Km's I'm experiencing brakes noises from the front. I will take it to Suzuki for its next oil change and have them look at them.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. All of the issues stated above were not that serious, and for 1 & 2, were fixed under warranty. The brake issues are now annoying me, but because Suzuki replaced the front, I can have them fix it.

I replaced the OEM factory stereo with a Clarion NX501 Bluetooth Navigation system. A great buy for the truck. I always receive calls while driving, and in Ontario, Canada it's $150 CDN ticket if caught talking while driving. Need the handsfree Bluetooth.

If you have any questions, ASK.