8th Dec 2002, 13:02

Our 1999 Grand Vitara with 43K has developed a number of problems. I'd be interested to see if any other owners have encountered the following issues:

At low speeds with either of the rear windows lowered there is an almost sub-sonic rumble, more like a low pressure droning that can be quite uncomfortable. Trying different tires and pressures don't seem to have any effect.

The drivers seat is being replaced under warranty due to the foam padding falling apart.

The key less entry failed and is being replaced under warranty.

The green paint is oxidizing on the rear horizontal surfaces.

The clear coat on the front grille plastic is flaking and hopefully will be replaced under warranty.

The front seatbelt retractors are both weak.

Both rear passenger door trim panels have tears on the forward upper corners which I hope to have replaced under warranty as I have seen a number of G.V.'s in the area with the same damage. I still haven't figured out how this gets damaged unless it comes from the weak seatbelt retractors?

The engine is still strong and runs well.

The drive train has held up well.

All in all not a bad vehicle.

11th May 2003, 18:33

Air condition is giving me a night mare every year I have to get it fited a total night mare.

4th Nov 2004, 11:25

Re:My 1999 Grand Vitara, I bought it new from dealer, relatively low miles- burning oil at the clip of 4 quarts a month. At start up, blows a cloud of bluish white smoke out the tailpipe. My mechanic just shook his head and said "time for a new vehicle". I was religious about scheduled maintenance on this vehicle-- from what I've read this is a big time flaw in the GV, but Suzuki won't fess up to or deal with it. Tremendously disappointed in this otherwise reasonable vehicle.