Ignis 4x2


118 words, Peru, 1 comment

Ignis GLX 1.3

Fun and a head turner

21 words, UK and Ireland

Ignis GLX 4Grip 1.5 VVT

Surprisingly horrendous, unfortunately

622 words, UK and Ireland, 12 comments

Ignis 4 grip 1.5

Excellent value 4x4 but not a good choice for high mileages

120 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

Ignis 1.3GS Non-sport 1.3

Reliable, practical and very cute :)

137 words, Slovenia, 7 comments

Ignis Sport 1.5vvt

Great, I'd have one in each colour if I could afford to!

50 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Ignis GL 1.5 petrol

Much better than the old one

574 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

Ignis Sport 1.5 petrol VVT

Probably the best sports hatchback for this price

146 words, Singapore, 2 comments