2008 Suzuki Ignis Sport AWD 1.3 petrol from Norway


Gets you nearly everywhere in wintertime


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

In rural Norway, with snow from sometimes halfway October, getting serious in January, and lasting well into May, some consider four-wheel drive an absolute must. And although the Ignis has an extremely simple 4x4 system, the car certainly delivers, especially in wintertime!

Suzuki has supposedly stopped producing the Ignis and discontinued sales in most countries worldwide.

In Norway however you can still obtain this small AWD-car new, and it is a very popular relatively 'inexpensive' wintercar choice in this horrendously expensive country (well relatively inexpensive means that at NOK 219000(!!) it is one of the cheapest 4x4 you can buy).

Imagine an Ignis AWD with studded tyres on snow! Unstoppable!

It's a pity Suzuki has discontinued the model...

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Review Date: 5th August, 2010

1st Dec 2012, 14:44


The car has covered 40000 km now, and still feels like new. No issues up to now whatsoever. Will keep driving.