2009 Suzuki Ignis 1.3 from Norway


A fun, reliable and cheap to run car


Rear brake pads needed replacement.

Crack in front windshield, but this really isn't down to the car, just poor luck.

General Comments:

A funny little 4x4.

It starts, it heats up nicely in the winter, it runs, and it's capable of takin me to and from town on crappy roads.

The suspension is extremely stiff, which you really feel when driving on crappy roads. The seats are just as stiff, but I don't mind. You sit higher up than you'd think when seeing the car from the outside. It doesn't feel small when you're inside of it, which is good.

The car feels incredibly slow, but this may be because of me previously driving a tuned Seat Leon Cupra.

The interior of the car feels cheap, and it feels like it's a much older car, which I personally like. I will try to keep this post up to date as time goes by, to see if this car truly is reliable, but so far, I really like it.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2023

28th Mar 2024, 19:05

I had one, fantastic little car, very reliable.