1st Oct 2014, 21:36

I purchased a 2004 model Suzuki Ignis Estate 4Grip in late summer 2009. It had an issue that worried me, namely a noise when turning the steering wheel - it came from the nearside front suspension - someone later said bearings needed replacing, as it was tested by turning the nut (?) at the top of suspension strut with the bonnet open. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't - but still the same over 5 years later.

The only problem I had was with the radio/CD failing to come on for me to access codes, but coming on now and again asking for a code, but never had it at the time of driving. Now replaced with an alternative radio with USB SD Card etc., all singing and dancing until traffic forecasts etc spoil my listening. Can't get it to stop after trying all the instructions in its modern half useless instruction book with writing needing a microscope to read.

However, apart from the odd tyre and wind screen wiper or headlight bulb, and one new battery one freezing winter, this car has passed its past 6 MOTs with nil; only minor advisories. Although it now requires 4 new tyres due to town only driving at 700 miles a year on city atrocious road surfaces!!

This car starts first time in whatever weather! It needs a massive clean, and I'm just reading that it has a camshaft chain and not a belt. I'll treat it to a good valet. It deserves it!!

A bit bumpy on city roads, but great on decent tarmac ones. It eats fuel like a hungry horse - I reckon about 20 MPG on short distances, city driving. But heck, over 5 years with no real issues, that's a small price to pay for low mileage. Now reads circa 45,000 miles.

So after reading articles on it and after putting up with screams from my God-Children when I suggested I replace it with something newer - they love it - I'm going to spend some money on it and keep it. So thanks to you contributors who have helped me make this decision...

4th Jan 2016, 15:44

Very helpful advice to prospective owners. Thanks.

6th Jul 2016, 23:04

I bought one for £400 as a cheap runaround a year and a half ago with 90000 miles. It's got no sign of rust, I changed the camshaft, and crankshaft sensors (£50 eBay), and it's been a 100% reliable. Just been MOT'd no problem and it just keeps going. They're not an appealing car to look at, but as a well built car I'm impressed.

BTW last weekend it went from the Northeast to Glentress with a bike rack, two bikes and roof box no problem.