2002 Suzuki Mehran VXR 796 cc petrol from Pakistan


Low Performance, Uncomfortable Car


1. Very Uncomfortable.

2. 36 Horse Power is not enough for this car.

3. Due to lac of power the car has a top speed of 100 to 110 KM/h.

4. Besides being Uncomfortable it is also noisy.

5. Cheap looking low quality Dash Board.

6. Poor Aerodynamics resulting in noises at high speeds.

7. The factory fitted tires are of low quality.

8. The car is shaky at low Revolutions per minute.

9. The car is not at all safe.

General Comments:

1. The engine should be changed to an engine of at least 50 Horse Power.

2. Suspension system and Seats should be changed for higher comfort.

3. Gear Box should be changed to a 5 Speed Transmission for Higher Top Speed.

4. Aerodynamics should be improved.

5. The car's looks should be improved.

6. Safety features should be introduced for example Anti lock Braking System, Seat Belts etc.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2003

30th Aug 2004, 11:40

This was a real poor review, basically Mehran is meant to be a car to satisfy the definition of the car... and believe me it does... every thing is just fine to satisfy what you pay for...

23rd Nov 2004, 00:32

Recently I had the opportunity to drive a relatively new Suzuki Mehran VX for about a day. I was impressed!

The car was more than a year old and driven mostly in SITE area (poor road conditions), but:

1. There were no noises from door assemblies

2. Outside noises were substantially reduced

3. No noise from shocks/suspension

4. Smooth drive on factory fitted tires

5. A/C worked extremely well on a hot day.

2002 Suzuki Mehran VXR 0.8 petrol from Pakistan


Its too costly compare to mechanism and Interior comfort Suzuki provide


The engine blew completely because of rusted thermostat in radiator. Got the engine fixed after complete over haul.

General Comments:

The tiny little Dinky type car. The first time I drove it I felt like am sitting in an empty drum and while shifting the gear it seems someone is kicking the car from behind, it's actually pretty scary.

The car has a charisma of -1 so if you're a young and want to impress girls reconsider your target group above the age of 50. Inside you are pretty close to the people you drive with which is very cozy.

Though the manufacturer reduced the prices this year, still its cost very expansive compare to services and mechanism provided.

No Anti lock braking system available, the braking system has not hydraulic pump. So you will have to use you muscle power to slow it down no central locks, no seat belts, no rear defogger, no radio, no tape, no change in console for last 8 years, invisible type speedometer, no RPM, especially the general dash board and interior is uncomfortable nor give a bright look. The seats are of no exemptions, one need to buy three more cushions in order to get the relief from headache of injured hips in Mehran VXR.

All items in engine and body frame start get rusting after driving 50000 kilometers or three years which ever comes first. Now I may sound pretty negative about this car.

Because of it's great size, the car is really easy to park and fit's into places a conventional car would never fit. The added feature of CNG fitting is of great fuel economy. The car is very tricky if you're not used to it.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

29th Jun 2008, 14:05

Hello... rose rise phantom!!!

Dudley, you really knew a lot about cars.

2002 Suzuki Mehran VXR 0.8 CC from Pakistan


Modifications are required with the time


The engine power is lost when you turn on the air-conditioning system.

No rear screen defogger.

Seats are very uncomfortable.

Dashboard is too simple with no cassette player or radio.

Old rear suspension systems, making the drive very uncomfortable on bumpy roads.

Even the new cars will have noises coming out of the dashboard and engine.

Overall quality of the car is very poor.

I won't suppose the car can complete above 50,000 Kilometers and still be in good condition.

General Comments:

The dashboard should have been improved, keeping in view the models available in the market for year 2003.

Separate suspension systems should have been introduced, the one currently being used are the same as used in 1980's.

Defogger should be made available on the rear window.

It is not worth the price.

The fuel economy is good.

The overall size of the car makes it easy to park in small spaces.

Nice car for small families.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

2002 Suzuki Mehran VX 0.8 petrol from Pakistan


Not for car lovers who seek luxury, performance and driving pleasure, for general use only


One cannot find luxury.

Not up to the mark performance and driving pleasure.

Lack of independent rear suspension.

No resistence to rust and unsafe body against collision.

No room for luggage.

There is no notable advancement from its first launching, except value additions in each year model.

You cannot feel the interior as your companion.

General Comments:

This car is better for the roads like Pakistan.

We can say a good return for money as the cheapest car in the Pakistan's market.

Good for a general and economical user.

If there are added some valuable features, then it can be reliable and considered to be the best alternative for the money.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2003