2007 Suzuki Mehran VX CNG 0.8 from Pakistan


The Micro Queen


Creaking sound comes from back side while driving.

The automatic accelerator is set high.

General Comments:

This vehicle might be called as unworthy and bad by some while excellent by others is no doubt one of the most largely manufactured cars in Pakistan.

It has good resale, is small in size and cost effective.

As such the car has its own taste, but what one thing one thinks is why does Suzuki Pakistan not try to improve their car or try to make it better?

Maybe because they do not need to since they have high sales.

One would expect them to change the shape of lights, improve the interior, check the vehicle in a better and detailed way before selling etc.

It lacks stereo system, has many parts that are badly finished and its gear is really hard.

But still it has proved itself the largest selling car in pakistan which is not an easy thing to do.

In conclusion it is a good car with utility for Pakistani roads, but its quality check should be make stricter before passing the vehicle out of the factory.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2008

21st Jan 2009, 02:01

Please, improve its interior.

2nd May 2009, 04:06

When I bought Mehran LE car in 2004, I never thought I will have to live with it for 5 long years. Fact is that this car has given me an excellent service, and even today I prefer it over my Santro GV car to visit the interior of Lahore.

Funny mix of transport that we encounter on our roads, the Suzuki Mehran is probably the best ride to compete for road space.