1987 Suzuki Mighty Boy SS40T F8B Alto conversion from Australia and New Zealand


Cute, very cute


Has had a new engine and gearbox fitted, an Alto motor with 800cc of pure grunt.

Have had to replace all the front end suspension parts due to wear (nothing unusual for a small Suzuki)

General Comments:

This is one of three Mighty Boys in NZ. It was imported 2nd hand from Ausi (they were never sold new in NZ). It really stands out! Everybody that sees it waves/laughs.

Very practical vehicle for a couple or single. Uses no gas and has plenty of room for extra junk behind the seats.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2008

1987 Suzuki Mighty Boy 543cc SOHC from Australia and New Zealand


Just like driving a go-kart. Tons of fun!


Blown engine. (Rings - 150000kms)

Broken water pump. (Main seal - 180000)

Various carburettor faults. (Constant)

Creaking chassis. (Started 180000)

Broken seat mounts & collapsed seats. (When bought @ 122000)

General Comments:

Let's face it, the humble Suzuki Mighty Boy was built to a price, and it shows.

Firstly, the 543cc engine leaves a great deal to be desired in the performance department. Throwing out a staggering 19kw of power (factory figure) they aren't exactly going to impress you with blazing acceleration or make you feel at ease belting down the freeway at 100kph, where the engine screams for mercy at 5000rpm.

The body and chassis weren't exactly designed to take any form of impact either. (the plastic bumpers are bolted onto the panels and are really only there for looks). Try to avoid having an accident!

Suspension is dodgy, and will most definitely require replacing. The good news is that this is quite cheap.

The interior is devoid of any creature comforts. No air-con, no dimmer on the dash lights, and an instrument cluster with only the most basic of dials. A one-speaker AM radio is standard.

Anyway, besides the shortcomings that they have, the Mighty Boy is a remarkable little Ute. There's hardly a street you can drive down without people looking at you driving by. They're a real head-turner. Especially when hotted up a bit. And that is where the Mighty Boy comes into its own.

Simply take a standard Mighty Boy, throw on a set of bigger alloy wheels, replace the suspension, open up the exhaust, and you can be guaranteed of enjoying every moment you spend behind the wheel.

With regular servicing (every 5000kms) the Mighty Boy will last for around 150000kms before the engine will most likely have a heart attack. This is to be expected with the constant torture they require to actually move the car at a decent speed. Replacement engines are cheap, and if you choose to fit the larger F8B 800cc engine, you'll reap the rewards of a little speed demon that handles like a go-kart. Great fun and cheap to run!

I love my Mighty Boy, and it'll be a cold day in hell before I sell it!

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2002

9th Jan 2004, 09:22

I'm about to buy my first a red 2 speed auto... The most sickest little car I've ever seen. I'm also buying a black 4 speed manual I figure you only as good as your car so all you v8 drops see if you can get 2... the GIRLS go for the IMAGE not the engine.. (they can't tell the difference between the v8 and 500cc anyway)

28th Jul 2004, 00:19

In addition to my review, I should also mention that you can get tons of pictures and technical info on Mighty Boys from http://www.teammightyboy.com/.

4th Apr 2006, 05:25

Am a new M/B owner, & love it. Not bad for a 60+ year old. Mine is a 1987 model, very good condition, live in south west of WA.

4th Apr 2006, 20:17

I stumbled on to this web &found it to be amazing thanks heaps louie.

22nd Jul 2006, 06:46

I recently bought a 1987 mighty boy and I love it, I live 6km from the nearest shop and it is just the ticket for what I need. I bought this little beauty 1200 km from home and it only cost about $80 to get home. With the price of fuel today who could knock it. Cheers Wendy.

23rd Apr 2007, 06:13

As luck would have it I have found an 87 600cc Mighty Boy for sale at the local servo for $500. Towed behind a motor home for 20 years it had only done about 30,000 km on its own. The irony of it is that it is half the capacity of my motorbike and twice the fun.

28th Apr 2007, 03:42

Further to my comments on 23 Apr I finally finished preparing the MB for a roadworthy (Some rust and plastic repairs) and it looks beaut, unfortunately my other half took it for a run and, yes, you guessed, I've lost it. Now I'm on the lookout for another. Bloody women!