11th Sep 2007, 08:00

Well the claim was denied. So I had to pay for the alternator and extra belt. Only one company re-manufactures this alternator, USA Industries. I needed my car ASAP so I just paid the dealer. Yes I understand the Reno is a rebadged Daewoo, But Daewoo used Ital-design to design the body and the engine is a GM power plant. I also think it's a good idea for Suzuki to drop the Reno and Forenza from it's line up so they can get back to designing there own cars, Not to include the rebadged Nissan Frontier that Suzuki will get in 08. The new Swift is my next Suzuki car. I hope that they keep most of the styling that is on the current overseas model. Suzuki has a habit of sending the U.S. market some ugly looking cars. Like my wife's Aerio. I will still stand by Suzuki, After all this is the first time I have had to spend more than $300.00 for a repair in the past 12 years. It just happen to be on a model that Suzuki had no part in the design or production of the vehicle.

12th Sep 2007, 16:07


I just got a call from Suzuki Auto USA, And they stated because of my loyality to Suzuki for the past cars I have bought they paid the dealer for the extra parts I needed to get my car back. So the bill went from $700.00+ down to $85.00. I doubt any other car manufacture would even consider doing this for a customer. I will always drive a Suzuki even if it’s rebaged, And I will stand by them on any issue. Thank You Suzuki...

10th Oct 2007, 12:12

The SX4 is made in Hungary by Suzuki. Fiat was out of money so they could not design a new car. The teamed up with Suzuki because they are small and growing. Had they signed with GM or Nissan they could have been forced to sell then entire company when time got rougher.