2nd Mar 2006, 04:09

I'm the author of this review, and I have owned Korean cars in the past -- I had a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon which was an excellent, reliable automobile which gave me over 90,000 miles of trouble-free service before I traded it in.

The Reno's long warranty ensures that even if something goes wrong after 50,000 miles, major systems are covered. And the quality of this car speaks for itself. Just climb in and close the door. Pop the hood. Look at the fit and finish of the dashboard, notice that even after 6,000 miles or so there aren't any buzzes, rattles or squeaks from the interior.

I'm quite happy with my decision. This is the best-built and highest quality car I've ever owned -- and far from the most expensive car I've ever owned. I've had a Sebring 2.7 convertible which was a troublesome piece of trash, an LH sedan (Concorde) which couldn't match the Reno for quality, a Tiburon which was reliable, but didn't have the substantial feel of the Reno, and a GM Grand Am (less said about the dozens of major failures there, the better). Every single one of those cars cost more than the Reno and delivered less.

The Reno is a fantastic bargain. It has lots of standard equipment, looks great, drives nicely, is quiet and spacious, feels substantial, gets decent mileage, and has street cred. Period. If you're in the market for a small car go and check it out, rather than sneering at the Daewoo involvement in the design. You'll find your biases will have changed significantly.

17th Apr 2006, 14:04

Was that a review or a manufacturer approved advert?

26th Apr 2006, 08:05

Yes, I can't help, but feel that the guy who owns this car works for GM/ Suzuki or Daewoo. Chevy entered the UK market with these cars, bad move, as for a new brand name in the UK marketplace and with products that are sub standard, I don't think Chevy will be staying long.

19th May 2006, 21:54

"feel that the guy who owns this car works for GM/ Suzuki or Daewoo"

I am the author of this review and I do not work for any of the three companies mentioned. If you have some SPECIFIC comments where you disagree with me, by all means, post them. If your only comment is going to be "all Korean cars suck," and questioning my integrity, then do everyone a favor and don't post.

13th Jul 2006, 07:53

We are currently buying a 2006 Suzuki Reno Base model. It is super red with 12 miles on it and a 5 speed! I was shocked at how nice the car was. NO I AM NOT A DEALER, just surprised that this car is not as popular as the toyotas, hondas and others. It won't be long.

I am a 6'6" 210 pound man and cringed when I saw the car thinking I would not be able to sit in it comfortably. I quickly found out I was wrong. I can even sit in the back seat and be comfortable.

The model we are getting has an MP3, (not on the base model list), and cruise control! It is a 5 speed standard and zips around. We had a Ford Explorer and we are glad to be getting out of it. Gas guzzling Ford piece of junk. At 80,000 miles the head gasket went.

This car also has a 7 year warranty on it and a year of roadside assistance and that was awesome for us. Considering we are using MILES and we have a 5 year loan we will have it paid off before the warranty runs out. That is pretty cool.

It comes with AC, tilt steering and while it is not the fastest car, it has a neat little 4 cylinder.

I guess cars are like the PC's. Some few get good ones, others get bad, some get minor problems, some have to get new systems rebuilt. I just hope this lasts, we are actually excited about it.

No I am not a dealer or work for suzuki. Just thought I would offer an average Joe review other than the other bashing that goes on here with the sole intent of just posting garbage.

If you do not like the car fine, but at least voice your concerns. If you do not own or have even driven the car, how can you make an honest opinion?

4th Sep 2006, 19:18

Update: I am the writer of the original review.

The car has continued to perform very well. I have only had one problem so far, which I brought into the dealer. One day, the engine was running rough. They checked the system and mentioned that there's a recall on the ECM (computer) and throttle body in a couple of these vehicles (including mine).

The dealer did a computer test to confirm, and ordered the parts. I drove off without difficulty, came back a week later and waited about an hour while the parts were replaced. Now the engine runs more smoothly and I'm getting even better fuel economy.

Overall, no complaints. Suzuki service was great, and while it would be better if the computer had been OK out of the factory, they fixed it quickly and smoothly. The dealer was professional, Suzuki customer service was good, and this car continues to delight.

The other thing I cannot get over with this car is the fact that it's now been mine for about a year, and it still doesn't have a single creak, rattle or buzz as cars often do after being driven for a while. It's very solidly put together. I'd still recommend it and the Suzuki dealer, and the best thing is, this car will still be under warranty after I've finished making my last payment. Awesome!

27th Sep 2006, 07:43

My opinion on this car is you get what you pay for. First of all I bought my 2005 new and have had it for a year and have about 6500 miles on it.

The car has a good warranty and I believe you will need it the whole time you own it. I have to take the car in again as I am writing this because the check engine light came on again. The first time it had something to do with the fuel system. A few times the car has acted like it wants to stall, the idle drops to a few hundred rpm's then it clears up on it's own and runs fine for a while. My average gas mileage is in the low 20's which I believe is poor for this class of car.

Other issues which are not as much of a concern, but still should be mentioned are: The shifter is best described as a "wet noodle" in feel and 9 out of 10 times I need to double clutch to get the car into reverse. The car has more body roll than an old pickup truck. We get a lot of snow where I live and the traction was not too good, but I guess factory tires could be the biggest factor and I acknowledge that.

I saved a few thousand over a Civic, but I fear I will need to spend more in the long run because I will need to get another car before the warranty expires on this one. I feel I made a big mistake.