1993 Suzuki Samurai SJ413 1.3 petrol from Romania


Great offroad car


The most common issue with this model is rust.

Second thing is the steering case, which needs to be replaced ~50 euros and the rubber bushes.

General Comments:

It's the best cheap offroad you can buy. I got it in places that I would only dream about.

It works like a dream on snow and mud with the proper tires.

I own another 2 cars, one for the city and one for long drives, but for rides in the mountains the Samurai rocks.

I got also in some offroad competitions, and I can say that it beats the Patrol, Land Cruiser and Pajero easily (all cars standard equipped).

I don't plan to sell this car ever.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2010

1993 Suzuki Samurai SJ413 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


The greatest 4 wheel drive for cheap


Transfer box seized in neutral 4wd when going off-road causing the gear box to become useless, had to be towed home.

Clutch cable snapped easily.

Gear box became stiff or jammed in certain gears... making it difficult to change gear.

Seats and hood wear badly.

General Comments:

Quality off-road vehicle, better than some Land Rovers due to high ground clearance.

Brilliant in summer when I took the roof off and drove round convertible.

Easy to clean due to the inside being mostly rubber and plastic.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2004

1993 Suzuki Samurai JX 1.3 from Philippines


Great design in almost every possible way


The air conditioning was somehow linked to the accelerator. So, you sometimes had to turn off the airconditioning to decrease the RPM.

The seals in the rear leaked often.

There are blind spots on both sides so you have to be very careful in adjusting your side view mirrors.

General Comments:

This car is fantastic. The engine is so quiet, powerful and well-designed. The interior has so much space.

I gave it to my grandfather who left it unmaintained in his farm in 1998. He gave it back to me in 2002 and while it needs work, it is still in pretty good shape. I really will relish fixing it up.

I've always wanted one since I gave it away and I got it back. I don't intend to give it away or sell it ever. Even if I had a lot of money, I'd stick with this one.

Plus, in our country where car napping is rampant, it will probably be very low in a car napper's wish list of cars to steal.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2002

6th Apr 2006, 12:27

About the mirrors you only need to turn them almost 90ยบ... that's the secret buddy.

7th Jul 2009, 09:29

Increase your idling when you run most of the times with A/C. Change your side mirrors with vertical original Suzuki version which I got from Japan. Jimny's there are equipped with these side mirrors; that would solve your blind side problems.

23rd Oct 2009, 03:47

Sir, how about the availability of spare parts? I'm planning to get a 88 model JX type. Wise buy?