31st Jan 2006, 01:31

I agree. The Samurai is the perfect vehicle for the trails; it is like a 4 wheeler with heat and a roof!

The reason why they stopped making them is simple: people stopped buying them.

They aren't as pretty and comfy enough for the fussy types; right at the time when the market began to be flooded with SUV 4x4's that had every creature comfort you could desire in them. Also the rumor that they flip easy would be enough to dry up any market they had.

I've owned and driven one for years now, it has never come close to tipping. I think you'd have to be driving pretty recklessly to roll one.

2nd Feb 2007, 07:49

I agree. You would have to be a completely useless driver to ever roll one of these things. I've owned and driven one too for years - on and off road - Even though I have a roll cage fitted I have never rolled it, or even come close to it.

You an still buy the Samurai brand new, they make them in Spain, for the Spanish farmers etc only. To get on exported is very expensive and very difficult. I have seen a couple on a trip to Israel - I don't know how they ended up there. I've also seen new ones in Australia too.

I saw a Brand New for sale in England going for £10,000!!! That's roughly $18,000 USD! Amazing, I would love to own a fresh, rot-free Samurai.

I wouldn't say they are the best 4x4 ever, even though I do love them to bits. One of the genuine best 4x4s would have to be the Land Rover Defender, these are very well balanced machines. Although, being twice as heavy as a Suzuki SJ, they do tend to stick in the mud more frequently.

Everyone has their own opinions and reasons, but I'd say, the Suzuki SJ was one of the best 4x4s ever made. I think the US report that ruined them was very unfair. You try and do that manoeuvre in any Truck/SUV/Van and I bet you would see very similar results. Proper drivers just don't drive like that. Anyone can get into a vehicle like this and roll it intentionally.

At least the people that drive them and care for them know the truth, regardless what others have to say.

Long live the Suzuki Samurai!

6th Feb 2007, 02:30

If you look at the Suzuki website for Indonesia you can find a Suzuki "Katana" it seems virtually the same as a Samurai and the build them new with power steering.

Hope you samurai fanatics find it interesting. I am thinking of getting one when I get up there next, but am worried that it will be far too uncomfortable. Suppose I will just have to try before I buy;)

Take care all. And drive safe.

3rd Mar 2007, 21:13

People stopped buying them cause of the Consumer Reports. They made it fail the test. There's a sales diagram on the Internet that shows how much the "wrongful" consumer report affected sales. They were going like hotcakes before the "special" people did the reports. The law suit just ended between Suzuki and consumer reports. Believe it last over 15 years.

17th Nov 2008, 20:17

Why would anybody want to believe that Samurais easily roll over?

I have a SWB version 1.3JX tin-top that's lifted 3 inches high wearing 30.5-in rubber. Going up and down Baguio City (in all the twisty splendor) in the Philippines at 60-80 kph doesn't scare it up a bit. And how it slides oh yeah! Yup it wasn't built for speed, neither was it for tipping over.

Any idiot can roll over a vehicle when over-speeding. Why don't they publish Ferraris or Porsches that figure in convoluted accidents? Or why wasn't Mercedes Benz ever faulted for the death of Princess Di? This may be debated forever, but it's pretty obvious that the Big Ones ganged up on the Small One because they're all chicken...

Fact is, try to play junkie with the laws of Physics and you might end up in the gallows - 6 feet under.

The Samurai is the best small 4x4 - hands down.

18th Nov 2008, 07:39

See also reports/comments on Suzuki Jimny rollovers on this site, including a tragic death at low speeds.

Great off the road, but unstable on it - the Jimny feels more like a car than the SJ/Samurai though, so it is easier to get it wrong.

18th Feb 2009, 18:46

Come on... I have a Samurai here in Brazil. It is a 1993 tin top, just a beauty. Never gave me me hazardous times whatsoever. On very hot days the oil temperature remains stable. The 4x4 is something to mention about. What is that? It crawls like a spider up steep inclined hills without a drop of sweat.

What happened in the USA is that the automotive industry was losing considerably market share for the Asian motors in general: including Suzuki. Therefore, all the negative merchandising and propaganda to infest the American consumer. All of a sudden the car was left behind, because we humans are really easy to persuaded. A shame. I have mine... and won't sell it for nothing.

Gustavo Ilvento

23rd Jun 2011, 11:55

That sucks! I really wanted one!