1989 Suzuki Sidekick JX 1.3 from North America


If you get the chance to buy 1 and pass it up, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!


On my 3rd windshield; glass frame flex's a bit to much for the truck's own good.

Original clutch went out at 75,000. Easy to replace and adjust.

Seat sliders springs break to easily. Replacement parts for this tough to find.

Am just beginning to see signs of oil ring wear.

Spark plug holes in head must be checked to ensure you do not strip threads during tune-up. Can happen VERY EASILY!!

General Comments:

Bought the truck as a strictly commuter car. Wound up getting rid of my Taurus as the Suzuki is more reliable. Goes on a daily commute of 90 miles round trip and still only have to fill the tank every other day. At 11 gallons a toss, MAKE ME CRY!!! Now have 137,000 miles on it and shows no signs of wearing out. When will the Big '3' make one like this?

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Review Date: 13th August, 2004

9th Apr 2007, 19:16

If you can't beat them, join them. GM sold clones of this vehicle as the Pontiac & Asuna Sunrunner, GMC & Geo Tracker for more than a decade.

1989 Suzuki Sidekick JX 1.6 4 cylinder from North America


A cheap off road toy for all


The car has been sitting for 8 years in inside storage I was told. After sitting overnight it smokes blue for about ten seconds. I was told to run engine restorer in it for 3000 miles to revive the valve seals. Other than that no problems.

General Comments:

This car is great off road. I take it off road as much as possible. The 4X4 is easy to use and smooth. I think this car actually loves the mud! The convertable top comes off in about 5 minutes and the same amount of time is required to put it back on. Considering it is a small four cylinder motor it is quite peppy. Mine is a 5 speed. I like that more than the automatics I have driven, seems like I have more control over the drive train. the oil seal thing seems to be working. since this car was stored for a long time the oil seals leak a very little amount of oif into the cylinders. It is slowly getting better. If it doesn't clear up completely I don't care. I will pay the 800.00 for a valve job. I love this little 4X4. Oh yeah, I am 6' 5" tall and have plenty of room. No rust at all either. (so far)

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Review Date: 19th February, 2004

1989 Suzuki Sidekick JX 1.6 Manual from North America


A good get around vehicle


Rust. Of course it had been sitting for a long time, and was not fully taken care of. Got new fenders and doors for it and new paint. People confuse it with a late 90's Sidekick.

The engine has some ticking noise in it right now, just annoying.

Clutch cable broke. Due to old age. Fixed now and runs pretty good.

Now has a slight oil leak, which again is due to the fact that it had been sitting for quite some time. New oil pan will be needed in the future.

General Comments:

Great get around vehicle.

Would not like to travel long distances in it though. Better for city travel.

The back seats are small, making it hard for more than one passenger.

Never gets me stuck with its 4x4 feature, making it very reliable.

Makes tight turns easily and comfortably.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2003

1989 Suzuki Sidekick JLX 1.6 Gas from North America


Dependable, Economical Baby SUV


Upon purchase, valve cover gasket had to be replaced. Gasket for distributor was replaced as well. This completely stopped oil leak.

Trivial, but sometimes the blower for the heater doesn't want to start; probably just a short.

General Comments:

$265 got me a solid, dependable, go anywhere vehicle.

The Sidekick is easy to live with; inexpensive to drive, cheap to keep on the road, and it's utility is unquestionable. It's a perfect dog hauler, bike carrier, bad weather prowler or economical day to day driver.

When the engine dies, I'll put in another and go another 200,000 miles.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2003