11th Jul 2001, 19:06

I've found a company, Calmini, that makes roll bars that can be mounted, for safety. You might look in to it.


15th Aug 2001, 21:51

ALL SUV's are prone to rolling over, due to their high centre of gravity.

They require a different driving technique.

Driving an SUV requires throttling back BEFORE you enter a turn, not using the turn to slow down.

Also, you cannot make sudden evasive turns at high speed. You must allow plenty of space between your vehicle and potential danger.

Learning this would prevent 90% of rollover accidents.


28th Jan 2002, 22:31

Have owned an x90 for 5 years. The idle problem you have is most likely either needing a general tune up, or, in my case, needed a new O2 sensor on the exhaust, behind the catalytic converter. They'll run you around $80. Hope to help, Jim.

11th Feb 2002, 14:17

Yes, all SUVs or 4x4s as we call them in Britain can be rolled over. They require a different approach to driving, that once mastered, is in my opinion a safer form of driving.

Also bear in mind that most are ladder-chassis designs. In our motorway pile-ups, trucks and 4x4s are always recognisable after the incident, due to physical strength, whereas some small hatchback cars are so badly damaged that there is no indication as to make and model even! This does have its downside though, as ladder-chassis cars can cause severe whiplash injuries. But always wear a belt, and have the belt height, the seat and headrest set just right.

If I may direct you to a great SUV/4x4 website (I have recommended your site Steven on this one) go to www.difflock.com for superb advice on all aspects of SUVs/4x4s. I have a LWB Vitara and a Frontera (Amigo/Rodeo).

Final note: we can't understand why people in the States buy 2WD versions of these trucks - what purpose do they serve?

19th Jul 2005, 18:21

I'm an 18 year old guy who drives a 1992 Suzuki sidekick jx. They are not as easy to flip as you fear. I know because I've yet to flip mine. The clutch release bearing on my zuke just died so Iv got to get that fixed, but I do love my car! It drives unlike any-other car I've ever driven. I love it!