1993 Suzuki Sierra Top of the line 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Best car money can buy


OK, let's see, things that have gone wrong with the Zook? Well the clutch was done a few 100ks back, and I replaced the water pump, and the exhaust joint to the extractors came apart, but all that's nothing for a car that's done as much as mine has.

General Comments:

Well I've had the Zook 4wding up the hardest of tracks, and beat a Nissan Patrol and a Toyota Hilux off road, and I've had it 1.5m into the air; name one other car that you can do that to LOL.

I have a Sony Xplod sound system in it with 2 Sony 6x9" speakers, and another 2x 6" speakers, all at 500W with a Sony amp (beats those done up Civic's LOL).

I love the Zook, and would never sell to anyone for any price, even if it's old and has done its dash.

Next stop a 1.6 Vitara engine.

PS: The Zook is stock other than the sound system (take that Nissan).

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Review Date: 1st August, 2006

1993 Suzuki Sierra JX 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Adventure beckons every day


Very little.

I bought this jeep privately and had a knowledgeable mechanic check it over. He identified some scale rust, particularly above the battery, and a small oil leak on the rear main seal.

Two years and about 12,000 km later, the small oil leak remains (no big deal) but despite being totally non-technical, I have surprised myself (and my wife) by actually enjoying the process of getting and staying on top of the rust.

The simplicity of this car also gave me the confidence to diagnose and fix elementary electrical problems, like replacing leads, fusible link and the battery.

On the down side, Suzuki Sierra spares are had to come by and expensive. For example, I searched nation-wide this year for a replacement driver's seat and after several months found one just down the road for $110. There again, I replaced it myself...

I am about to add extractors and a 2" exhaust for more power (Suzuki Viagra?)

A new soft-top so far this year, followed by larger tires and a slight suspension lift (Suzuki nip'n'tuck) later will add to the sex appeal of my aging, but still sprightly jeep.

General Comments:

What is it about these jeeps? They are noisy, rattly, jarring underpowered buzz-boxes on road and off, but I simply can't bring myself to sell mine.

Maybe it's the size: every time I climb aboard it's like getting into a toy car and let's face it, we are all kids at heart. You can squeeze into and between the smallest spaces, mount pavements if necessary and still get smiles from other drivers.

Maybe it's the size plus its capability: these babies go anywhere and consistently embarrass larger monsters. They tread lightly on the earth, leave a smaller footprint, raise less dust, use little fuel, frighten fewer animals... Sure, they carry less, but who needs all that "stuff" anyway? And, in the unlikely event you do get bogged, a few people can free you.

Maybe size plus capability equals fun: and fun to me is all about heading off, be it to the bush or the shops, whether for days or minutes, in a vehicle that is reliable, simple and economical and one which gives me time to connect to the world around me. You cannot be in a rush in these cars- just sit back and enjoy the experience.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2004

1993 Suzuki Sierra JX Softtop 1.3 Carburetta petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Tons of Street credability!


Seats have split, but are covered using seat covers which are fine.

Radiator has a leak somewhere, but resolved by frequently refilling the coolant.

Those problems came with the car, I have had no troubles at all.

General Comments:

Extremely underpowered. A 1.3L engine to pull 980Kg.

Great Fuel ecomonmy - About 400km / tank. 40 ltr tank, but usually only require about 34 dollars worth. (When petrol is at a good price)

Has a Max speed of 130km/h. When travelling at 110km/h it revs at about 4 - 4.5 thousands Revs Per Minute, which is a lot. If driven at 80km/h its RPM is about 3000.

This car really needs a 6th gear for freeway traveling.

Off-road the car goes hard. In low range 4wd it makes it up 45 degree fire trails and when taking on sand dunes, it is hard to get bogged due to its light weight.

Does overheat on sand as the car is not traveling as fast as it tells you due to slippage from sand.

Comfort wise - Rates poorly. No leg room. Only storage is glove box, but that's untrustworthy as the softtop is easy to break into.

Don't leave anything valuable in the car - I learned the hard way. Please do steal!

Yes, the car has a lot of street credability, especially if raised and large wheels fitted.

When soft top is down, it attracts the general public, and even gets the police to look when people in the back.

I am going to sell the sierra though due to its safety. There is none. Get hit and you have no protection. Roll the car when people in back seat and they will be crushed.

Car is very basic, easy to service.

Overall the car is a beast, even if you have travel 60km/h in a 110 limit to get up the hills.

Great fun for summer.

Great for getting the looks.

CD player jumped every second and suspension is hard.

But for fun, get one.

Great on the fuel, if you're not embarrassed to take of slow and stay slow.

Thank you for reading my review.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2004

18th Aug 2007, 02:47

I have recently bought one of these, and it seems to be exactly as this review describes. In spite of its lack of power, I love the thing, and I intend to drive it into its grave.

I'm searching for a new soft-top without luck. I don't want to pay for a brand new one if I don't have to. Anyone got any clues?

- John. Brisbane.

1993 Suzuki Sierra JX 1.3 unleaded petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A good project for the off-roaders, very reliable small fun machine


Nothing really, but I dislike the low amps output alternator, so I replaced it for a 65 amps Laser alternator.

There's not enough room to fit all the camping needs for a city girl (my wife) when we are going camping.

The seats are worn, but they were already like that we I bought the car, anyway I just paid $3800 and had a very low mileage.

General Comments:

I have found lots of bits for the car at a reasonable price.

I love to drive around without the soft-top.

Is slow? yes, but who cares??

Nice looking falcons go faster, but my Sierra goes anywhere.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2004

1993 Suzuki Sierra 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


An awesome 4x4 that you'll never want to get rid of


The fuel Pump broke at 160,500kms, therefore leaked oil throughout the motor.

The leaf spring suspension is sagging and therefore hitting the stopper on hard bumps creating a rough ride.

The wiring for the cabin fan burnt out after 9 years.

General Comments:

This car will go anywhere and will follow behind the toughest of 4x4's that have been highly modified no problems at all.

There is massive public rave about the Sierra's performance off-road.

Very high revs at 110 km/h. (3900/min)

Not the fastest car in the world, but does have power for a 1300. My Suzi has been modified with a 2" exhaust system with extractors and that makes a world of difference to the power.

No power steering, but handles surprisingly easy. Be careful not to roll it on tight corners or off-road.

Very reliable and fuel economical. I reached a maximum of 550kms on one tank.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2003

28th Jul 2007, 17:03

What did you do to fix the burnt out fan wiring? Was it hard to replace? Expensive?